Skiing photos

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Skiing photos

Hello Ladies

I know I don't post much Sad

But busy here and you know reading but not posting....

since I am even too lazy to insert them here's a link to my flickr gallery with photo from our ski trip in Alyeska...


Florian loves it and he refuse to do snowplow or Pizza he sayd "no pizza I want Zoom zoom" ROFL so YES the harness is mandatory for my crazy child !!!

I put back downhill ski on ym feet last time was 22yr ago (when I had my accident) and let me tell you I miss it and love it and my knee never even got swollen or hurt !!!! Wink

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Awwwwww, I love him! He is SO darling! You can totally tell he wants to go fast. He is not pigeon toed or pizza (orwhatever you call it, I don't remember) in any of them!

LOVE the pics, keep them coming Smile

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Fabulous pics. He's so happy out there!

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Love the pics! He is having a blast!

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Look at him go! Pretty pictures! Smile