Sleep issues --Need advice

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Sleep issues --Need advice

So how is everyone's LO's sleeping these days? I know Zayden was the LAST to get out of his crib (i.e. June/July of this year LOL) and I serious MISS the crib. We had several visitors over the summer which displaced him out of his room and now he only wants to sleep with us.

He goes to bed in his own bed but then wakes up around 1-2 am and comes in. For a long time we let him sleep the rest of the night with us (BAD MOMMY) but I finally said this was not working for me (he sleeps literally on top of me with his "cuddles") So now, DH takes him back to his room and lays down with him, often going back to sleep in there. That also doesn't make sense to me since that has effectively taught Z that daddy will sleep with him. Then, by 5 am, if he comes back in, he gets to climb in and get his precious cuddles with mommy.

So now Zayden knows if he comes out of his room, he will get to sleep with someone at some point. I cannot think of a single night in the last several months that the child has slept and entire night by himself in his own room. Sad


Our secondary problem is that we do not want Z too sleepy such that he misbehaves at school. DH would rather continue this for now so that he gets enough sleep. Next week he is off so I suggested that we work with him then but DH swears one week is not enough time to do this.

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My sympathies. This sounds soooo familiar. It still happens occasionally, but not much. She's doing really well these days. She'll even wake up, go to the bathroom on her own, and go back to her bed - we won't even know unless by chance.

Anyway, when she kept doing it, we had to force ourselves to not let Aasha get in bed with us. It was so tempting and easy to let her jump in. So, DH goes with her but he comes back after she settles in. Once in a while I go and do the same thing. We also tried to create tempting incentives for her to sleep through the night in her own bed, for her it was things like waffles/pancake for breakfast, or a bit of TV in the morning (whatever is a not-usual treat ...). That helped too.

I honestly don't think there's any clear cut winning way. Good luck.