so what is everyone up too?

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so what is everyone up too?

We have been dead! LOL

For me, work has been nuts, my boss is irritating Smile and my guests are fun but exhausting!

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I'm still around ... but haven't posted in forever :(.

My month-long visit to my parents' is almost over. The kids and I return home this Saturday. I'll be happy to be home and with DH again, but sad to leave my family. It was really challenging handling 2 kids on my own (when my parents were at work), in a home that didn't have any of the kids' regular stuff, and with it being super hot outside the whole time.

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It HAS been dead! I come here every morning and I'm like "nothing new??? nothing???" lol But I am equally to blame since I don't start anything new either. I can't ever think of anything exciting to talk about.

Not much new here. I'm planning Sophia's birthday party, which will be on the 11th...two weeks from tomorrow! YIKES. And I'll be out of town for a few days right before it, so I really need to get hopping! I am just now getting the invitations out....and I passed them out to her class yesterday and then realized today that I forgot to put an RSVP on them. DUH! So now I have to send out another note asking parents to RSVP because I gave out 25 invitations in her class, and I'm sure only a few kids will come, but I need to know since we are serving dinner and I also need to know how many treat bags to have. What a chickenhead. Also I printed 40 invitations and that was not enough so I have to go print more today. Obviously I am not a good party planner. ha ha

Layla got sent home from day care yesterday afternoon with a fever of 100.7. Only when I went to pick her up 30 minutes after they called, she was not the slightest bit warm. Took her home, she had no fever all evening, no fever this morning. Can a kid have a fever for just 30 minutes, with no medicine to reduce it? Somehow I doubt it. I'm thinking someone's thermometer was a little off. Anyway, she is home with DH today, which is annoying but oh well.

I have a big meeting at work today. My boss (VP of HR) and I are meeting with the CFO and CEO to present the benefit budget recommendations for next year. Both of these guys are relatively new so I have met one of them briefly and never met the other one. Hopefully they go easy on me and don't ask me a bunch of complicated questions I can't answer.

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Carrie, are you planning a theme for Sophia's party? If so, what is it?

I have been really crabby lately. Mostly with dh and his lack of helping me around the house and with the kids. He's trying to be better, but I'm still mad. ROFL I need to start getting the kids to bed earlier. The last few nights it's been 9/930 by the time they're both sleeping. By that time, I still have to shower, and haven't had a minute of time to myself all day. I can't just go to bed without my "me time." ((Because I can't fall asleep!)) Vent over.

It's hard to get online in the summer! And with kids, lol. Every time I turn my computer on during the day Miles decides he wants to look at trains so I try to not go on when he's up.

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Ashley, I'm sorry things have been so stressful! I totally know what you mean about not being able to go to bed without time to yourself. I am the same, which is why I end up staying up SO late every night. I cherish that time so much, I just don't want it to end by me going to sleep. lol In the summer I am lucky if I can get Sophia IN bed by 9:30, and then she is wide awake and it takes her another 30 minutes to fall asleep. Despite my best efforts I can't seem to get her to sleep much earlier than that. Are you still working at the store once in a while or did that stop when Vivi was born?

The theme for Sophia's party is bright colors and some animal prints. I'm sort of planning it around these party bags. LOL But there will only be accents of the animal print and mostly it will just be these bright colors.

I'm going to attempt to make these, which I'm excited about! (rainbow cake push ups) I found a blog that explains how to do it step by step Smile