Sophia turns 3 today!

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Sophia turns 3 today!

Happy Birthday to Sophia and happy "labor day" to Carrie!

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Happy Birthday, Sophia!!!

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Happy Birthday Sophia!!!

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Happy Birthday Sophia!!!! Have a great day!

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Thanks guys! Sophia was excited this morning to go to school and take cupcakes and candles (she HAD to have candles, even though they can't light them at school). When we were at Costco this weekend, they had a really cute pink dress that had a "bedazzled" type butterfly on the front and a frilly drop-waist skirt kind of like a tutu material that she wanted, so I let her get it as her birthday dress. She was VERY excited to wear it today, she is very into dresses these days Biggrin

So here's my chicken-head-mom-of-the-day move. I took Layla to day care this morning, then took Sophia to the doctor. I've had her 3-year appt. scheduled for at least 3 months now. So we drive quite a ways down to her doctor and sit in the waiting room for 15-20 minutes. The receptionist calls me up, acting kind of awkward. Basically, trying to find a nice way to tell me that they talked to me on July 7th to tell me that Sophia's doctor was going to be out of the office this week, and at that time I had rescheduled the appointment to next Tuesday. But I still had the original appointment sticker on my calendar at home and that's what I went by. OOPS. I need a brain transplant. :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Sophia!!!


at least you weren't a week late Wink

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Happy Birthday, Sophia! :cake: Enjoy your special day!

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Happy birthday Sophia!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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Happy Birthday Sophia!! How cute about her wanting to take candles to school! Smile