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Has anyone else's LO's started to stutter? I've noticed this past week when we were away and lots this week too, that Joshua has started to get stuck on words sometimes and repeats them several times before he can get the whole word together. It's not all the time, just sometimes. It's not certain words, it can be anything. What Joshua is doing is more like the "traditional" stuttering. He is getting caught on certain syllables, completely random, mostly the first word in a sentence. He will ask "Wh wh wh wh what are you doing mommy?" or "G g g g g go to the grocery store". Things like that. I am going to mention it to his pediatrician when we go in for our 2 1/2 year check up in a couple weeks and see what he thinks.

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Sort of. I think she has so much she wants to say, but doesn't remember the exact words in time, so there are gaps, or a lot of uh, uh, uhs until she finds her words. She's not doing it at the beginning of sentences, though.

It's probably normal, but makes sense to ask the pedi since you're going in anyway.

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Matthew sometimes stutters, but when he has doubts about what he is saying or what it will "sound" like he won't say it at all, like he is scared. As a result he doesn't say much of anything very clearly due to lack of practice. Definitely ask the pediatrician...ours suggested using the flash cards as games and encouraging him to "practice" speaking while having fun with it to build his confidence.

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No stuttering here. Lyla does have a bad habit of only saying the first syllable of words. It seems like I am the only one who can understand what she is saying at times.

KUP! My fil had a stuttering problem (before I met him) he was able to overcome it with some help. I'm not sure exactly what they did to help him, but he said he was so thankful for it. I'm curious what his doctor will say. It may be something he will out grow.