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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....(XP)


We had our 20wk ultrasound this morning and she is beautiful! The tech was horrible. She didn't say anything, so I started asking questions - - which I could tell annoyed her. Ugh! Baby was spine up and she couldn't get good measurements of the heart so we go back in 4 weeks for a re-scan. Which is fine by me and hopefully we get a different tech this time. Also, we only got one picture and it's of her little profile.

I'm so excited and still a little shocked that it's a girl. I thought girl all along, however, never really had a strong feeling. KWIM? Now Josh-man is going to have a little Sis to be protective over. Smile

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Yay for girls! It'll be fun to see your LO again in 4 weeks. Sorry the tech was being a dork. Hopefully she was having a bad day, and isn't like that all the time.

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Congrats on your little GIRL!!!! How exciting! Prepare to go broke buying all of the adorable little girl clothes! I know I have been! Lol

Sorry you got stuck w/a crappy tech. Our tech had a difficult time getting good pictures of Vivi's heart at the 20 week scan. She had to call another tech in to do it (nervous!!!). Guess they just need to get great pictures of all of the chambers otherwise the doctor will have them do it again.

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Congrats!!! Josh is going to make such an awesome big brother!

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Congratulations! That is so exciting and you'll have so much more fun shopping for a girl than a boy!