Summer Activities

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Summer Activities

How is it really almost summer? What is everyone doing with their LOs for Summer? We are doing the YMCA camps for most of the summer, I think Zayden will have fun with that. We are changing swim lessons too from once a week to Tuesdays and Thursdays (So hopefully more free time for weekends). My niece and two nephews are coming out sometime in July too and then my dad and aunt later in August.

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Just lots of hanging out and playing! We signed Miles up for TBall so he'll do that 1 evening a week for 8 weeks or so. Lots of playdates, trips to the beach, running thru the sprinkler, etc.

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Lyla has swimming lessons, and tball starting next week. She will continue doing gymnastics, but we have moved to a morning class for the summer. She is doing the summer reading program at the library. We plan on going to band concerts in the park, riding the mini train, swimming, camping, play dates, and enjoying every bit of summer we can.

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I hope we'll do a lot of outdoor stuff, go to the beach, parks/zoos, mini-hikes, etc. Also, we're going to the midwest in late June. DH will return after a week, but the kids and I are going to stay with my parents until the end of July. I'm excited, it's the longest I'll be with my parents since I was married, over 17 years ago.

We still haven't enrolled Aasha in any type of class. I'm hoping to get started with that after we get back. Swimming, gymnastics and/or dance. We're considering pulling her out of preschool for July and August, if they will allow us to do so (if we don't have to pay tuition for those 2 months). She's missing all of July anyway, and my ILs could take care of her in Aug. Her next year's class begins late Aug. We'd save a lot of money. We're currently paycheck-less (DH quit his job over a year ago to develop his own software, and I have no maternity leave but am taking 4 months off, mostly unpaid), so it'd be nice to stem some of the red ink.

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We will just do more of the same. Ava does Ballet, gymnastics and swimming. I'm hoping to change it up a bit and maybe to a jazz/tap class instead of ballet. She's maxed out what she'll get from her current class and cannot move up in levels until she is 4. I'm also hoping I can talk her into a sport instead of gymnastics for the same reason, but I doubt I'll win that battle. I want her to try new things but as long as she's having fun, she can stick with what she wants.

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I have Josh signed up for 5 weeks of preschool summer camp, that's as long as it runs for... Week of June 11- week of July 9. Then we will wing it... Our movie theater has dollar days as does our bowling alley and mini golf. Will probably go to story time at the library too. Planning a long weekend in DC for early in August with my dad and his family. Also hopefully (crossing my fingers) we will be placed with a baby sometime soon.

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We'll pretty much do the same. I think we'll leave Jackson in preschool 3 mornings a week. He has swimming one afternoon a week, and we're starting tennis two mornings a week. I'm pretty excited for that, since I get to do it with him, and we met the teacher last week and he's really nice. I'm really hoping Jackson likes it, as I'm hoping to enjoy tennis with both the boys as they get older. Other than that, we have one camping trip planned and I'm going to try to plan another one with just the 4 of us.

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Since we're moving the end of this month, money is really tight. I'd love to get the boys back in swimming lessons because I think it's really important, but it might have to wait until the fall.

We'll hopefully do a couple camping trips. We have a wedding to go to in July and Sully's 2nd bday. Other then that, we'll just play outside a lot- parks, swimming, bike rides, ect.

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We won't be doing anything formal like lessons or camps, but I do have some learning goals for the boys I want to work on. I also try to get to the gym 3-5 times a week - it gives me time to work out and gives the boys time to run around in an air conditioned environment with other kids. It was a sanity-saver last summer! We're also planning lots of playdates and trying to get to the pool/sprinkler as much as possible!