Summer camp --seems TOO early!

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Summer camp --seems TOO early!

Wow --its not even March yet!

Anyone looking ahead to Summer yet? For those of you with preschool kids, are you doing anything after school is out? Last year I waited too late and struggled to get Zayden into a summer camp problem. This year I kept my eyes open and was shocked to see all the camp stuff so early.

His school has a summer camp but not all summer. Plus they only have care from 9-4 which is useless for working parents who need to be at work by 8 am. I emailed them a note just verifying that --I wish they would consider these things! They have early morning care for school but not for camps. Grrrrr.

SOOO then our YMCA has preschool camps, and I verified with them that they do have extended care. Course they are not all summer either but a lot closer than what we have not. Our local JCC where Tiff used to swim also has preschool camps but they are running four week sessions and one of the four weeks, Z is still in school.

But the kicker is that priority registration for the JCC ends before next week, the YMCA opens registration for members on Friday and open registration Monday --everything I read tells me that these camps sell out fast.

I am not ready to think this far ahead. YIKES but apparently I gotta get on the ball.

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I need to see if they take 3yr old here..
I think the pre-school as summer class but not sure we will do it

We rather send him to soccer or outdoor camps.....

I go nothing about summer camps here which is good because I am not ready for this yet we still have lot of snow ROFL

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Josh is too young for summer camp. Gymboree, which we did for a year and a half before Josh started preschool, has a drop-off camp for a few hours, 2-3 times a week, that I want to get him into, but the spots fill up fast. But our area has a lot to do for kids in the summer... we have dollar movies 2x weekly, dollar bowling and dollar mini golf and we also have season passes to Dutch Wonderland, so we won't get too board. And our friends have pool passes, so we get in at a discounted price.

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We are lucky that we have many good camps here for three year olds. Our YMCA that we joined has great camps -- a week of wiggly wormy reptile things (YUCKY to mom but I am sure cool to Z) splash camps, a week of fairy tales, dinosaurs, natures, sports, etc. for three to five year olds. They are mostly 1/2 day but for working parents they offer a full day option plus extended care. The rec center and his school has camps too but they don't include an early drop off option so it wouldn't work for working parents.

I think he will enjoy these options much more than just finding alternate daycare for the summer BUT I am told they fill up really quick and have limited spots!

I cannot wait till next year cause then he can do summer camp at the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and even Sea World! but those he has to be four to sign up.

But Magali I don't have snow but yesterday it is pouring down rain and cold (for us!! 50s) and I am having to think about Summer? Crazy! But the Y opens registration Friday for members and I am told many camps will be full by Monday when non members sign up.

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