T&P's for friends little girl..

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T&P's for friends little girl..

My BFF came over today and gave me a few things for the baby, while we were talking she started crying and told me her 4 year old daughter Sarah was diagnosed with a serious heart condition called cardiomyopothy. She had been complaining about her "heart hurting" and the doctor finally sent her to a cardiologist.

It's a rare condition in children, my freind's brother and father also have it so it is hereditary. They think it is advanced and will be doing more tests, but they warned she may need a transplant soon Sad

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Oh, how sad! We will pray for her and the family.

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Aww poor little one. Sending prayers for the entire family!

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I'm so sorry! Sad My thoughts and prayers will be with them.

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sending thoughts and prayers, how scarey Sad

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Sending thoughts, so sad & scary.

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OMG how horrible and scary. I will keep them all in my prayers!

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Oh my, how scary. I can't even imagine.

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how very, very scary. they will be in my prayers!