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Hello we are back from our trip in the Western National Parks
here's link to photos on my Flickr gallery

it was beautiful... cold but still beautiful we hiked a lot, Florian hike 2 miles all by himself then we have to carry him... we use our ERGO and love love it (both of us use it)

I am trying to catch up Wink

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Welcome back Magali!!

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thanks for the pics... now I font have to go when I am in vegas next month I can just spend all my time gambling lol

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Great pics---beautiful, breathtaking views Smile Welcome back--hope you had an amazing wonderful time!

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Welcome back!! Looks like you had so much fun. The pictures are amazing. You got some great shots of wild flowers. It goes without saying that Florian is adorable!

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Florian + Bandanna = CUTE!!!