Visit with Santa ** pics heavy**

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Visit with Santa ** pics heavy**

Well we went to see Santa in North Pole (city 10 miles south E of Fairbanks)....
Florian refused to get close to Santa so not pics of him on his lap but here some other pics (those of you on FB may have already saw them sorry)

Visiting the Reindeer/caribou

In front of the "store/house"

Inside.. I was so sorry he would start pulling of the Ornamenents I was like "not touch just look" the WHOLE TIME ROFL

Hugging a stuffed Reindeer

Carrying a reindeer Wink

The toys ....

Inside the store they have beautiful decorated trees and some are "up side down" not sure if this is the new fashion or a space saver but cool anyway

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Such a cutie pie! That is really neat to go to the North Pole! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

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That place is awesome. I family went there this summer when they were clearing out my Uncle's house.

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How fun!! I just saw an upside down Christmas tree on a website, while I was shopping for a new artificial one. Wierd.