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weekend chat

What's going on this weekend for you?

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We've got nothing. May try to make it to the pumpkin patch at some point.

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It's Janet's birthday weekend. 2 of my aunts and my uncle are coming to stay for the weekend. Tomorrow we're doing a special 'Farm Trail' weekend, were all of the farms, including wineries, have open houses. We're only going to the wineries of course. Smile Yesterday Jackson and I checked out this drop-off hourly preschool/daycare to see if it's something that he could go to while we're at some wineries, and he loved it. Yay! He didn't want to leave. So, he'll go there for 2-3 hours on Saturday. He'll still come to a few farms, but at least he won't be terribly bored for the day.

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Kristen, that sounds like a fabulous weekend, and yay for a drop off for Jackson, especially on the weekend! We're trying to expand our palates with different wines since BevMo is doing their 2nd bottle for 5 cents for a few weeks.

We're taking Noah roller skating tomorrow for the Disney skate time (should be interesting!) and then we'll go to church. Sunday will be the normal football watching, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands.

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Shopping with my mom and then going to IL's for FIL's bday.

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This weekend is BUSY. Its Canadian Thanskgiving so were doing the turkey sunday. We have monday off. Tonight I'm doing another Flash mob.. so excited. this is the choreo

Its going to be filmed so I'll post it when its done and you can all ROFL at me shakin my booty lol.

The girls have gymnastics tomorrow and I just got another order for 6 more hats and have 3 other orders to do first.. so I'll be busy crocheting.

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Busy weekend Kim! Can't wait to see Smile

Jess, I WISH we had a BevMo!

I'm off to look at a new-to-me ugly blue chair. For pictures Smile $20. I hope it's a good one!

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Nothing going on other than haircuts tomorrow. Sunday is our anniversary but I'm not sure if we're doing anything, maybe we can see if MIL will come and watch Jack so we can have a few hours out somewhere, we'll see.

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My grandparents are coming through town on their way to Florida. We will have dinner with them tonight and maybe do something with them tomorrow before they leave to head to Florida on Sunday.

Maybe going pumpkin picking tomorrow. Sean does not really want to go, because Josh got a pumpkin when he went on his preschool field trip to a farm market. I'm trying to convince him that it will be a nice family time.

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Nothing exciting for us. Girls have T ball tomorrow morning then we will go to a friends son's baseball game, then just hang out here with our friends. Sunday is church and then just relaxing.