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weekend chat

What's up this weekend?

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My parents are coming over either Sat/Sun to watch Miles while dh and I go to buy Miles' birthday gift. We'll also go out to dinner while we're out. That will probably be the last outing just the 2 of us before the baby comes...weird.

Other than that, I need to figure out what I'm doing for food for his party and make my grocery list (his party is next weekend).

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No plans for us other than I plan on getting some fall pics of the kids at a park nearby.

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I am going to be making hats hats and more hats Wink I just finished that big order and now I have 10 more to do lol. My poor DH want one I told him he has to wait Wink And I got some yarn to make a sock monkey hat.. can't wait to try it and a cute drunkin reindeer one for the girls but need to get these 10 done first Wink

Ashley I can't believe how close you are!!!

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Kim, aren't your hands killing you?!? Mine get so sore when I've been knitting for a long time. I need to make a hat for a friends new baby but I have until Nov 14 (when I'll see her) to get it done. LOL! I might try to whip up a few more for the baby, too.

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Kim- Do you have a store that you sell your hats? Link!!!
Ashley- Enjoy your date night! Smile Over dinner, be sure to pick out a name! Wink

Today- I work from 7p-11p
Saturday- We're going to Boo at the Zoo
Sunday- No plans, but I work again 7p-11p

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Just planning on cleaning cleaning cleaning and working on the house. I've had something going on every weekend since we moved in so we still have some unpacked boxes and there is nothing on any walls. I think I'll start with Sophia's room this weekend.

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Busy, busy, busy!

Today I'm bringing in cupcakes for Jackson at preschool. Then while he's at preschool I'm making cupcakes for a party we're going to tomorrow. Making the chocolate peanut butter ones for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're driving down to the Bay Area. I'm meeting my friends from high school at the park with our kids. Donnie is meeting us there straight from getting off of work. Then we're going to the party. A 'Harvest Party' with my family, my recently married cousin is visiting with his wife and kid from Georgia. I got to make cupcakes because we get to sing to Jackson too, he can just think the party is for his birthday and that's a-okay. The kids will be doing crafts, bobbing for apples, and making caramel apples.

Sunday we get to hang out as a fam and I'm making another cake with whatever dinner Jackson chooses for his birthday Smile

Monday, dress up day at preschool & Trick or Treating!

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Today- going to get Alyssa's hair trimmed then lunch with DH. Then cleaning and packing for sat.

Sat- BFF's 30th birthday party (her actual bday is Nov 7, which was my due date with Alyssa!) I'm providing all the food and her roommate is doing all the drinks. So I've got to get everything loaded up, go pick up the cake and then go to help set up. Its a halloween party so we're all dressing up. Have supper and drinks, then heading downtown for more drinks. My mom is taking the girls overnight b/c DH is working late.

Sun- recovering! I'm not a big drinker so it won't be that bad! Probably cleaning what I don't get done today.

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It looks like everyone's weekends are starting to get busy Smile

I think I'm leaving tonight to go to my parents place at the river. They are having events for Halloween tomorrow during the day and then ToT'ing tomorrow night.

Sunday I have my cousin's baby shower to attend.

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This afternoon we're having Noah's 3 year pictures done. Tomorrow we'll carve Noah's pumpkin that we got 2 weekends ago and then in the evening, I'm hosting our monthly "Girl's Night In" for a bunch of girlfriends. This month's theme is "Wine, Cheese and Tapas". So tomorrow morning I'll be cleaning for that. Then Sunday, I am doing NOTHING (well, laundry and grocery shopping, but that's normal). I am still feeling really sick, so I'm going to take it easy.

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Hope you feel better soon, Jess.

Tonight ... World Series Game 7 ... Go Cardinals!!! After that, not much going on until Sunday. We were supposed to go out of town for the weekend, but those plans fell through. Sunday afternoon I'll be cooking for a potluck lunch at Aasha's preschool on Monday, and then Sunday evening we're going to my cousin's for dinner and a late Diwali celebration.

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Nothing much going on here, it's supposed to be stormy out late tomorrow so we might head out to get Jack his Halloween costume and Sunday Sean wants to start on Jack's room we're re-doing a room for Jack and it needs to be primed and painted then the new floor will go in.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

Kim, aren't your hands killing you?!? .

Yeah I find I need to take a bunch of breaks LOL. I'm doing crochet, if I knit I'd never get the hats done.

"Lavender444" wrote:

Kim- Do you have a store that you sell your hats? Link!!!p

I haven't set one up yet, its on the list. I might just do a FB page for now. The issue is Shipping from Canada sucks $5-6 for land $8ish for air mail, and that doesn't include packaging. :eek: so not sure if I'll do much international work. But I do want to post on Craigslist and Kijiji (just like Craigslist but better) but need I think I'll wait until the middle of next week. I'll have most of the orders done by then (hopefully) and then I can take in more lol

"kris10gal" wrote:

Making the chocolate peanut butter ones for tomorrow.

mmmmm recipie??

Jess hope you feel better, sounds like you've been fighting this for a while.

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Well I may go grocery shopping.. haven't gone for 2 weeks :eek: AT LEAST IT SAVE MONEY.. last time I attempt DH called me right after I just started and just grab eggplant and milk and said "you need to got here and there to get this and this for the truck" I left the store and when to the auto part store instead ROFL

so I am attempting Saturday morning grocery shopping...
Sunday my neighbor have BBQ (yes outside and 10 above) and BONFIRE so this is our "big event" !!!

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Our weekend plans just all got canceled. We had plans to take Deacon to my dad's house for a halloween party for the grandkids. However, we just got back from the pedi with a nebulizer and meds. He has a bad cough that has turned into wheezing and so he is on breathing treatments and antibiotics. They couldn't tell me one way or another if it was contagious or not and since we just got a "cold" front I don't want him running and playing outside now.

So....hopefully we will have a nice, quiet weekend at home.

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"mama22Girls" wrote:

mmmmm recipie??

Peanut Butter Cupcakes Smile

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Friday and Saturday we went to a casino in Kansas City to celebrate my uncle's 50th birthday. My mom stayed at our house with Cora and Lyla. It was nice have some adult time. We went to a famous BBQ place

Tomorrow we are getting ready for our Halloween party. I plan on mowing the yard for the last time of the year. We will carve pumpkins too.

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We were to have a busy day today but thanks to Mother Nature and her lack of sense of humor we were home bound and watching the snow fall. It hasn't snowed in NJ (south) since 1957 in October! DH is outside right now shoveling and we are in a state of emergency again. We lost power for a little bit twice and thankfully it came right back on. I swear I am going to have weather phobia. We haven't fully repaired/recovered yet from the stupid hurricane and here we are again dealing with massive weather. I'm so over it!

Thankfully so far the basement is dry and we are nice and warm. Hope the others in the storm path are hanging in also!