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Weekend Chat!

What are you all up to this weekend? Any birthday parties??

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Yesterday we had Alyssa's 3 year pics taken. She was being a little stink! She is usually really good for our photographer too! Guess she is going to really embrace "3 is worse than 2" for us. Oh joy!

Tonight I have a baby "sprinkle" for a friend of mine a couple hours away. MIL is watching the girls since DH is still out doing farm work. My mom is coming with me. I'm bringing the mommy to be our bassinett to use. It'll be nice to get it out of our room!

Tomorrow church then probably laundry and cleaning.

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Relaxing a bit this morning, and then preparing for tomorrow's bday party. It'll be about 45 people total, 20 kids.

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shelly.. wow lots of people!

We have NO KIDS this weekend :woohoo: Grama was going to take them friday night so we could go out for the night but offered to keep them from friday to sunday. So last night we did sushi and a movie, and then this morning we did brunch. Not sure what else we have planned. But enjoying sleeping in Wink

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Last night we all went out to dinner, then went to the pet store and bought Noah's fish tank (it's his bday present from us) and to the party store to get stuff to make cupcakes for daycare on Monday. Gosh, I didn't realize it would be so expensive to get all the stuff to get the tank all set up! Next weekend we'll go get the fish.
Today, we met my ILs at Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Noah's birthday, then we came home, took a nap and then to church and dinner, then got the fish tank set up.
Tomorrow will be the normal cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping, then I'm going to make Noah's cupcakes.

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Wow Shelly! That's a lot of people!

Today was super boring! Dh had to work until 1:30. He got home and decided to clean the deer him and his friend got last weekend so he spent the entire rest of the day in the garage doing that.

Tomorrow, nothing. Miles has a little bit of a cold (of course, day after we're at the clinic for his well child check up) so we'll just stay home.

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Shelly! Wow that is a big party! I hope A has a great time!

Woohoo Kim that's awesome!

Today my cousin came over to see the new house and then we hit a bunch of thrift stores. Kayla did a photo shoot for one of our friends/photographers (he's the one that did her senior portraits) He's a high school teacher but does photography on the side. He's trying to build his portfolio so he can start doing more commercial photography. He got a gig doing a chopper calendar and wants Kayla to model for it. I told him that as long as it was tasteful and she was reasonably clothed then sure. But I'm excited if she gets to do it.

Tomorrow I'll probably just clean and organize closets. WOW is that exciting LOL NOT!!!

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training dogs, snowplowing, packing trail playing outside with Florian before the cold arrives (next week should be 20 below and even 40 below).... and cleaning, laundry, pick up toys, vacuum.. the usual !!!! Wink