Weekend Plans!

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Weekend Plans!

(other than Easter) Wink Since I officially start my weekend in two hours, figured I would post this!

My plans this weekend: I have tomorrow off for Good Friday and have decided we are going to do a potty training boot camp! Since many of your LO are doing so well, I know Z could if we worked with him but we have been rather lazy and not tried.

Tomorrow I think we are going to get up, go to home depot and get some containers and some pots to start a garden. I miss my garden from my old house and this could be fun for me and Z to do. We are going to stop by target afterwards and pick up some stickers and then head home and strip down (well him not me :rolleyes: ) I need to clean out our deep freezer in the garage as well as the second fridge we had for the girls so I can unplug that. We will do some stuff outside and around the house.

DH is on call all weekend so we can't do much else. Sunday we will do Easter and do some egg hunts and Easter dinner. I am going low key this year and not have anyone over so it will be just the three of us!

Hoping for some warm weather. I am still super sore from a pulled muscle last week so other than that and going to try to take it easy and get caught up on some stuff around the house.

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Today I am getting a mani/pedi with a gift certificate I got for my birthday. Then I am going to do a little shopping for our trip tomorrow. Nothing big, just some small items I don't want to have remember to get while I am there.

Tomorrow we leave, yay!

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Friday - We are going to invite over my cousin's 4 yr old, and dye some eggs with her. I think Lyla will have more fun if another kid is dying eggs with her. Tonight we are going to a surprise 40th birthday for my cousin. We were going to have it be a surprise 40th birthday party for my sister too, but I couldn't trick her into coming down. They were born 2 weeks apart.
Today I am also going to make deviled eggs and Jenn's salted caramel cupcakes for an Easter party tomorrow. My sister will be at that party, so the cupcakes are for her birthday.

Sat: Lyla's swimming lessons are in the morning. Hopefully she will get in a good nap, before my family's Easter egg hunt, and dinner. The adults also play an egg catch game. We will probably drive to my in laws after the party, and stay the night at their house.

Sun: We will go to church with them, and then do a nice brunch. I will also get to see my squish little nephew. He is 5 weeks younger than Coraline.

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Today we're going to lunch with DH like we do most fridays. Then my BFF is coming to hang out with me and the girls this afternoon. we're going to dye Easter eggs after Alyssa's nap.

Tomorrow we are having Easter dinner with Jason's family. I have to make a salad for that. I would think MIL will probably do a small egg hunt for the kids.

Sunday is church then dinner with my family. Not sure if we are going to do it at my moms or here yet.

We're also working on potty training here this weekend. Her daycare decided they were going to help train b/c there is another boy training too. So they had me bring panties for her yesterday. So I did but had DH put her in a pull-up for the way to daycare and he told her they were panties so she wouldn't take them off and put real panties on!! But they said she kept the pull-up dry all day except for nap time, which is to be expected at this point. Then after I picked her up she did wet in the pull-up on our way to my moms for supper. We when we got to her house we put panties onher and she went pee twice there and pooped once in the potty! This morning she told DH right away when she woke up she had to go potty. She didn't go but we put panties on her. She's had one accident this morning and gone once so far! Now to decided if we try panties when we go to town for lunch or do the pull-up!

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Jenn - enjoy your trip!

Tisha - yum! I love deviled eggs!!

AmyA - good luck w/potty training! How is it going so far?

AmyS - Sounds like Alyssa is doing awesome with potty training! That's nice school is going to help out w/it now!

I've been catching up on laundry this morning. I can't believe how far behind I've gotten. Also got M's Easter basket put together since he's at school, and had to wrap a birthday gift for my cousin's 4th bday party (which is tomorrow//doubling up with Easter). Miles thought the toy we bought at Target was for him, so I've had it in hiding ever since. Other than Easter plans all weekend (my family Saturday/dh's family Sunday/church Sunday) we've got nothing else!

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Today, working outside with DH and Jackson. Then we're dying eggs tonight.

Tomorrow, errands, fun stuff.

Sunday, Easter!

Tisha, mmm, salted caramel cupcakes, I need a reason to make those soon!