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Weekend Plans

What are your plans this weekend?

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Dh says he's going to do something fun with Miles this afternoon since I haven't had a break this week. I think they're going to go bowling.

I'm hoping we can get the painting finished in the nursery this weekend so I can start putting the room together.

Other than that, just staying home to catch all of Miles' pee! LOL I don't want to venture too far...

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Tonight Carrie, Sophia and Layla are coming over. Deacon is so excited to play in the sprinkler with Fia. I told him S&L are coming over and he said "what about Carrie?" LOL

Tomorrow we are working on our little remodel project some more and hopefully will have time to paint a little. Not the wall but the whole room that is being done. I also have to go order our carpet for the front rooms in the morning. Then tomorrow night we have dinner plans with Carrie & fam and another couple.

Sunday - more wall project. Seriously - I had NO IDEA it would take this long.

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I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning in the mountains, then I'm babysitting my friends 4 week old twins that afternoon and evening.

Sunday we are recovering. Maybe some housework/yard work if we feel up to it.

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This is for the marathon in the mountains:


And this is for watching 4 week old twins:


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Thanks, Jenn! Although I think this is more appropriate Crazy or maybe this one:WTF: Expecially when you add in I just signed up for a 5k for Sunday. :bigwink:

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Nothing much for us! I've got a hair appt. tomorrow & then we are starting to interview babysitters. I have one scheduled for Saturday & another for next Friday. Waiting to hear back from several others. I signed up with sittercity.com.....anyone ever use that?

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Not much going here. DH is out on his bike ride (he goes weekly), so it's just me and Aasha until mid-afternoon. Not sure what we'll do, but so far, it's been a lazy morning Smile

Tonight, we go to my cousins. Today is a festival day - it's called Raakhi (informally) and it's about brothers and sisters. In the broad sense, so cousins, and people who are so close that they consider each other brother/sister. The sisters tie a raakhi on their brother's wrist - it's a decorated string. The brother is supposed to give his sister a present. I bought a bunch of them yesterday, so that Aasha can "tie" them on her cousins', and I'll be tying some on my cousins.

No plans for tomorrow.

Amber - hope your half marathon goes (went?) well! And yes, your schedule sounds intense this weekend!

Jenn - hope your remodel project goes smoothly.

Bethany, I've not used sittercity. Is this for occasional babysitting? Hope today turns into a fabulous hair day Smile

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Had a freak out this morning when my both of my sites were down. Got everything handled. My mistake of course Smile Now both boys are sleeping and we'll probably go swimming later! Jackson and I made cookie dough which is chilling for us to bake tonight.

DH comes home tomorrow. I got a deal kind of like groupon for our town for a bakery, so we'll probably go and have lunch together. Monday is preschool, Tuesday swimming lessons and then after swimming we're headed down to Napa for me to handle some business and for Colby to meet family! DH and Jackson going too.

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Went to a friend's cottage for the weekend and met up with extended family too! Great beach weather and had a blast! What a beautiful cottage they've built! 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, huge loft/media room with more beds!

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we went up to our remote land and started to dig in and put post for foundation of the cabin...
rain, fog and major big flat rock in the ground was our "treat" for the week end !!!

more next week end

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On Friday, DH left work early and we went to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park just for kids, a few miles from our house.

Saturday, we went to Lowe's and BJ's. And did a drive by on a house we like.

Sunday, we did the grocery shopping and went back to Lowe's for some clearance plants to make the patio look nice for the photos of our house.