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Weekend Plans

What are your plans for the long weekend?

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Saturday I have a 60th wedding anniversary to go to

Sunday I have Sophia's 3rd birthday party

Monday I am supposed to have a play date with a friend and her DD.

Busy weekend!

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We are getting out of town! Smile We are taking a 4:30 train to Los Angeles tonight and then trying to figure out the subways to find this hotel. DH was trying to find a hotel within walking distance of a subway last night -- our ideas of what is in walking distance are not the same!!

Not sure what all we will do in LA, Zayden' hasn't ridden a subway before so probably some of that, maybe hit the Le Brea tarpits and some museams and maybe Griffen Park.

We come back Sunday evening because DH is "on call" Monday so he will probably have to work. So I get some fun time with Zayden on Monday.

Plus we have to finish getting all his stuff ready for school on Tuesday!

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Why can I not think of the subway in LA, Amy? Is it only really close to Downtown LA? I am losing my memory!

My cousin just left Sad Boo! We had so much fun. We can't wait until next summer when Colby's big enough for the bike trailer and we can bike everywhere.

But, my best friend comes today, yay! Tonight we're watching movies and eating brie and bread, that is our plans. Tomorrow we're planning to go to Farmers Market, lay by the pool, and BBQ pizza. Sunday DH comes home and we'll be able to go out minus kids! We're not going out at night or anything, but we want to do some shopping and go to our favorite restaurant and sit at the bar and have appetizers and a margarita Smile Monday she goes home and DH and I have the house to ourselves for a few days until Janet comes home!

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"kris10gal" wrote:

Why can I not think of the subway in LA, Amy? Is it only really close to Downtown LA? I am losing my memory!

Sorta, its part of the Metro lines which is made up of two or three subway lines that go throughout downtown LA/Hollywood/Koreatown/ and the finaical district, there is also an elevated line and a few light rails that go throughout LA

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Tomorrow we are headed down to Bethany Beach, DE for the week. We are sharing a house with friends and their 2 children (Sophie is 2 and Roman is 5 months). Looking forward to time on the beach, cookouts, yummy dinners out and day trips.

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Tonight I have to work from 7p-11:30pm

Saturday- We're hiking a 14er (mountain over 14,000 ft) in the morning and doing house stuff in the afternoon. I have some gifts I need to finish making tomorrow afternoon too.

Sunday- We're going to a BBQ. Then I work again that evening.

Monday- We're going to visit my friend who just had the twins, providing my kiddos can come along too.

Busy, busy, busy! One day, I'm going to schedule in a day to just stay home and hang low. We never seem to be able to do that.

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Not too much planned. DH is going for a bike ride either Sat or Sun. We're meeting friends for brunch on Sun. On Mon, we're meeting friends at 8 AM at a nearby park, for breakfast (bring your own) and activities (like soccer, running, walking, etc.).

The main things that MUST get done over the 3 days are:
1. clean up the house - it's a mess with suitcases still lying around from our trip to NC last weekend.
2. prepare for another trip coming up soon - we're going to Baltimore, Boston, and Albany.

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Today we brought Miles to a local barnyard we've been wanting to go to. They have mini golf, a giant slide, pony rides, bounce houses, etc. so we did all of that. He also got to hold some baby bunnies and pet some other animals.

Saturday and Sunday...nothing planned.

Monday we're going to my aunt and uncle's house for a BBQ and they have a dug-in pool so we'll go swimming. Miles hasn't ever been in a pool before (lake only...well his kiddie pool doesn't count) so that should be interesting!

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Not much here, praying for the house to be livable its going to take a miracle. DH is working. Need to get kids ready for school.

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We have a long weekend here too Wink

Today we went to center Island (small island in Toronto) it has kiddie rides, a splash pad ect. so that was fun.

School starts tuesday so were getting ready for that, new shoes ect.

and taking it easy since its been a crazy week. (we were at this hotel with a waterpark, then Niagra falls and then center island.. kids are exhausted .. so am I)