weekend plans?

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weekend plans?

What are you and your families up to this weekend?

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Not much going on here. DH and the girls are supposed to go out tomorrow to shop for my birthday but not much else. Quiet weekend which I really need. Sunday is church and then home to get more things done around here.

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Tomorrow we have a 3-year-old's birthday party to go to, and then Sunday I'm going to get the girl's pictures taken at JCP and maybe sneak in a family photo also. Hopefully we can go to church since we haven't been in like a month.

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Absolutely NO plans here. Hunting season in Virginia starts tomorrow so I will pretty much be single on the weekends until January Wink

I may go to my nephews football game tomorrow if it's not crappy weather or may go looking around for Christmas gift ideas.

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My dh is in a wedding this weekend, so tonight we've got the Rehearsal/Groom's Dinner. Tomorrow is the wedding. I also have a baby shower to go to tomorrow morning. Busy, busy!

We are skipping church this week. The last couple weeks it's been SO HOT in there, I feel like I'm going to faint. I literally leave the service 3 times to cool myself down. I mentioned to one of my friends (who happens to be pregnant - who the baby shower is for this weekend) that I hadn't seen her at church lately and she said she hasn't been going because she feels like she is going to faint. Hmmmm...strange!!!!

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were doing the girls Family birthday party this weekend.. so late for Claire (turned 5 in Aug) and early for Addi. We figure its hard to get everyone together in Nov for Addi's BD with American Thanskgiving ect (my brother and his family are in Michigan) Also we all have two kids each so we have been doing family BD's to make it easier. I figured this was in the middle of the two and its nice that Addi gets some early since she gets so much at BD and Christmas. Next year we are thinking of having a HUGE kids party in the summer for all the nieces and nephews (6 and one on the way) and exchange gifts then. Sort of like Christmas in July Wink With all the kids getting older their actual BD partys include alot of friends so this makes it easier then doing a family party at the same time.

Then I have to start making hats. I posted some pics on FB of my new hats I've made and a bunch of people I know want to buy some. I have an order in for 6 right now :eek: lol. I bought the pattern on Etsy and it said you can't sell the pattern but can make and sell as many as you want Smile So maybe I'll make a little money over the winter Wink

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we are going back to our "remote land" to finish up the cabin (some of you saw the pics on FB).. this will be the last working week end... we come back Saturday eve because DH has to work on his car : Timing belt, water pump, suspensions and I have to change oil on my car and on the truck Wink

have all a good week end

PS: snow in the forecast for Sunday !!!

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I am working a fashion show/shopping event tonight at the church. Its a big annual even that the women's ministry puts on. Dillards sponsors the show and brings out the models and all the clothes. Then there are vendors set up every where around the building selling clothes, jewelry, crafts, etc. My friend has a booth and I offered to help her with it. All the proceeds of the evening go to a literacy program for children. Should be fun...and exhausting!

Tomorrow we have no plans. I'd love to take Deacon somewhere outside since its only supposed to get to the 80's. I want to go to church that night.

Sunday I have a hair appt at 5pm.

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Not much going on here. Tomorrow I have to finish painting up a prop I have for a session on Sunday. Sunday I have to do a little prep for the session. I'm making cupcakes and some other stuff. DH comes home Sunday.

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Kim: I saw your hats on FB and I want to put in an order too! Love 'em.

Our weekend starts at 4PM today - Aasha's preschool closes early because they have their Harvest Festival today, 4p-7p. It sounds like its going to be fun. They'll have lots of food, games, magicians, ponies, etc. After that, we're going to our friends' place for dinner.

Tomorrow, we're going to Sacramento to visit my uncle and aunt. We return Sunday afternoon, but will go directly to San Francisco, to meet with my cousin and her family who are visiting from North Carolina. They are here to attend the annual World Vegetarian Festival. My cousin's husband is doing a cooking demo in the late afternoon, so we hope to catch that.

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Tomorrow we have the kids build thing at Home Depot and then on Sunday, we are going to go pumpkin picking with my dad and brothers. Oh and tonight,we have some people coming back thru our house for a second time. They are very interested and want to see it one more time before making their final decision, so I have spent all day cleaning.

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crossing my fingers for you Dani.

Today I got my hair done, and then we headed out to my parents house. We had to get a bunch of cattle off their pasture, and brought in for sale. I took both girls with us this time. Lyla just doesn't get how big a cow is, and that they are not tame. She did a good job staying where I told her to. We went out to a harvested corn field on my parents property, and picked up a bunch of left over ears of corn. We have a squirrel feeder, and Lyla enjoys feeding and watching the squirrels.

Tomorrow we are going to a neighboring town's fall festival. Dh will probably go help my dad get more cows off 2 other pastures and haul them back to my parents house. It will be a little to wild to have the girls there. I will probably take them to the apple orchard.

Sunday we are getting carpet installed in our spare bedroom. Hopefully I can find time to finish painting it before then.

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Kim- I want one...or two too!!! So cute!

We've got a bit of a busy weekend too. Some friends of mine and their little boys (2.5 and 20mo) are in town for their grandmas funeral so today we took the kids to the zoo, then Chuck E Cheese. Then I went to Sams Club and then the mall to spend my Gymbucks at Gymboree!

Tomorrow a small town near by is having a pumpkin festival. The christian school is hosting it and they have homemade carnival games for the kids, food, and a hayride to a pumpkin patch. they also have a vendor fair in the school as well. So we're taking the kids there tomorrow also. Jason and I took ALyssa last year and she had so much fun!

Sunday is church then relaxing and catching up on my DVR'd shows!

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We finally have no parties to go to this weekend lol, and it's a good thing because I've got a cold and feel kind of crappy, so we're just hanging at home and DH is gonna spend time with Jack in the music studio, he loves playing drums and keyboard with daddy, so I'm gonna try to nap and rest to kick this cold.

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Yesterday was errands and church. Today we're watching football, hung up some more stuff around the house, got a new dishwasher installed and then cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. For dinner tonight, we have a sushi date with two other families.