weekend plans?

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weekend plans?

Good morning! What's up this weekend?

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Nothing! This is the first time we haven't had anything planned in a looong time! The kids gynmastics and swimming lessons are on "spring break", so we don't even have those. We'll probably catch up on house stuff.

I'm also scheduled to work tonight and Sunday night.

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Since we are NOT (thankfully) headed to Az just yet, we have a fun and busy weekend planned!

Tonight we have concert tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra! We love their Christmas shows but they didn't come to San Diego this year (Booo) but they are doing a non-Christmas show for the first time and I am SO excited to see it. Course its at one of the Indian Casinos in Temecula about an hour away so it will be a late night Sad

Tomorrow night we have the black tie Gala for Zayden's school at a resort in town. I wanted to try and get a room there and stay the night but we decided cause of Tiff then we won't in case we have to leave early.

Tomorrow morning we have Z's swim lessons, I have a groupon for a boat tour on the Bay that expires tomorrow but we need to see if we can work that in Sad

Sunday I want to take Z to church --we missed last week cause I was in bed with a sore back and he later asked why he didnt get to go (partially cause we found where they serve donuts after church and he wanted a donut LOL but we may not be back Sat night till after midnight so I won't guarantee I will be outta bed that early! LOL

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Amy- Have a great time at your concert! I'm so jealous! I love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I can't wait until the kiddos are not so sensitive to lound music and I can take them to one. Smile

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My MIL flies in tonight. I don't know if I mentioned it, my ILs have taken a 6-month lease on an apartment close to us here (they live in the Midwest). This is an experiment to see if they want to move here. I'm hoping that it works out because it'd be awesome to have them close, but not living with us, lol. My FIL is driving here, so he'll get here on Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow, DH, MIL, and Aasha will go to a 4-year old's bday party. It's at a gym and so Aasha is all excited. No one does parties at home around here, it seems. DH will go on a big bike ride on Sunday, so it'll be me, Aasha, and my MIL at home.

I'll be doing whatever chores I can. There's still a ton to do in terms of preparing for the new baby. And, this pregnancy is totally different than Aasha's was. I'm almost immobile these days, it's crazy. A lot of discomfort and pain. Baby is absolutely fine, it's just my body that's apparently not happy with the situation! 2.5 weeks left!!!

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Shelly - 2.5 weeks left, how exciting! Do you have a birth buddy yet? If you want to text me, I can post up here for you.

Lyla has her first swim lesson on Saturday. It's her first "big girl" lesson, and we will watch though windows. I'm trying my best not to show how nervous I am for her. She can't swim at all, and won't be able to touch the bottom in the shallow end. I think we will go swimming tonight just to give her some reminders.

Dh is playing in a paintball tournament tomorrow, and wants us to go with him. I'm not sure he will convince me to go. Saturday night we will probably have people over watching basketball, since KU is in the final four.

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Tonight is our family date night, but not sure where we are going to eat yet. Tomorrow morning we are going to an Easter egg hunt. The Easter bunny will be there and available for pictures, you can decorate cupcakes, get your face painted and go in a bounce house among other things. On Sunday we are going out for lunch at JB Dawson's, a great steak place for my birthday, we go there on Sunday's because kids eat free on that day. Other than that, just running around doing errands.

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We don't have a whole lot planned. Today we went and looked at a new (in home) daycare since we found out a couple weeks ago that our current daycare center will be closing April 20. I am so bummed and upset. We loved it that and I'm so nervous about an in home b/c we didn't have a very good experience with one when Alyssa was a baby. This girl seems pretty nice though and I know a couple people who know of her and had good things to say. I really hope it works out!

It is supposed to be really nice here this weekend so I thought about taking the girls to the zoo. And since we'd be in town probably to see the Easter Bunny also. Haven't decided if we'd go tomorrow or Sunday after church, probably depends if DH cares to go or not!

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Shelly ! YAHOO baby here soon but sorry this is so not comfortable Sad

we have ski race for kid today (saturday) but since my Defiant/spirited son refuse to put jacket on yesterday he has now sore throat.. ;(
after that we head to our remote cabin for one night and we have to empty al the food and close it for Bears (bid heavy blinds on windows) since it is warm and snow melting who knows when they will wake up !!!

also we are doing preparation for our hunting trip.. I am done with food now I have to do the sleeping gear and clothes gear... it is warmining up here big time only 20 ABOVE at night and 50 during day but north of the Alaska Range it is about 10 below at night and 10 above during the day.... we got a new propane stove for our tent... nice and safe and easier to use than wood stove since there is no TREES up there ROFL

we have a special tent made in Alaska that is AWESOME here's the link (I know you don't care but I love our tent).. it is called ARCTIC OVEN.. for those of you with hunting Husband they may have heard about this "jewel"...

OK have all a good week end.....

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Magali - our camping is so different than yours. We do go to a place that has no electricity or water sometimes. This is what our camper looks like. http://www.campingworldrv.com/fifth-wheel/2002/dutchmen-supreme/134986

Lyla did really great in her swim class today!

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"hotdiggit" wrote:

Shelly - 2.5 weeks left, how exciting! Do you have a birth buddy yet? If you want to text me, I can post up here for you.

Thanks, Tisha! I'll text you!

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Yeah Shelly!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited for you!!!!

It's raining here. DH is home, let me sleep in, and brought me breakfast in bed. Love that man. Today my aunt and uncle are coming to visit. They've already arranged wine tasting (which is hard to find in my town Smile ) and I made beef stew for dinner in the crock pot, and coffee ice cream for dessert. It's going to be a GREAT day!!

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Wow Shelley you're getting so close, I'm so excited for you!!

This weekend me and DH went out for a much needed date, we haven't been out since before I was pregnant with Nikolas so we really needed to get out! We actually got tatoos, well, I got one that I already had re-done and added the boys names and DH got one with the boys names. Them we went out for drinks and saw a bunch of friends we haven't seen in a while.

Oh, this is OT but our friends who lost their son a few weeks ago, his girlfriend found out she's pregnant! They have a 4 month old daughter so it looks like he left them another gift Smile