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Weekend plans

What are you up to this weekend? Do you celebrate Easter? Traditions? Food?

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Just waiting for Miles to finish his lunch now and then we're going for a walk.

Later today we're going to a local fish fry. Yuck. I'm only going because my grandparents will be there and I have to get something to them. Biggrin

Tomorrow morning we're going to a community Easter Egg Hunt.

I need to give Miles a haircut sometime either today or tomorrow.

Sunday we'll see how Vivian is in the morning and possibly go to Church. We'll have lunch at my grandparents and an egg hunt for the kids, and then we'll go to the in-laws from there.

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Tomorrow we're going to a local park for a Family Easter celebration. They have egg hunts, bouncy houses, magic shows, parade, marionette show hay rides, etc. I think it will be a lot of fun. Smile Then Josh has a birthday party to go to (my cousins 4 year old) Saturday afternoon. We'll go to the in-laws for Easter lunch on Sunday, have an egg hunt in the yard, relax, etc.

Should be a good weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!

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tonight I'm sure random family members will drop by for a visit, just like every Friday night. We will probably end up having a bbq, and maybe playing cards or doing a board game.

Saturday morning Lyla has swim class. In the afternoon all my family will get together to celebrate Easter. We will do an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Sun - for the first time in my life I have no plans on Easter day. We will probably end up doing things around the house and let the girls dye some eggs. Oh and the Easter Bunny will show up first thing in the morning. When they wake up there will be a basket with some things in it, and eggs hidden around the house.

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I need to finish up baby preparations this weekend: setup the bassinet, wash baby clothes and sheets, wash bottles and my pump supplies, etc. Pack my hospital bag. Ok ... this turned into my to-do list, lol.

Nothing else planned. Taking it easy whenever I need to. ILs are here, so they can hang out with Aasha.

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Today we have a birthday party for my friends little girl, Jack is excited and he turns red when he sees her lol I think he has a crush on her Smile tomorrow we're going next doors for an egg hunt then just having dinner with MIL, her boyfriend and hoping my sister comes over too.

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Yesterday I had to work part of the day. My mom watched the girls so I went there after and we dyed eggs and made rice krispie treats cut into easter shapes.
Today just hanging out. DH is outside working. We don't have any other plans. My bff talked about maybe coming over to see me and the girls.
Tomorrow, Easter bunny will come in the morning. Might do a small egg hunt for the kids. Then church. Lunch at IL's, MIL will probably do an egg hunt for the kids too. Then going to a good family friends where my family will be for another egg hunt for the kids and dessert.

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Last night we went to church and helped friends unpack from their move. Today, we went to breakfast, then to a community that another friend works at for their "Easter Eggstravaganza"--egg hunt, bouncies, face painting, food, etc. And a DJ who played completely inappropriate music for a family event. It was so bad. The kids had a lot of fun, though. Tonight, we're going to dinner for DH's bday (just the three of us), grocery shopping and then we'll clean house. Tomorrow, ILs are coming over for brunch then DH flies to OH for the week for work. Noah and I will go grocery shopping and get ready for the week ahead.

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Friday I was off work so I took Sophia to a "Parents Day Out" program at our local play place (I gave her the option of doing that or hanging out with Layla and I and she chose that). Layla and I ran some errands and did the Easter Bunny's shopping for him Wink Then Layla started to not feel well so when I picked Sophia up after lunch, we spent the rest of the day/night at home...we didn't even do our normal Friday night dinner out.

Saturday Layla woke up with a fever. I gave her medicine and she was not acting sick at all, so it might have been the MMR fever that they told me she could get about 10 days after the shot. We spent most of the morning playing outside in the playhouse and with the water table. I have the cutest pictures of Layla playing with the water table but she's naked in all of them so I can't really post them anywhere! DH went to the library and studied the whole day so it was just me and the girls. Our community had the same kind of thing that Jess described (egg hunt, bounce houses, food, face painting, etc) but we were having so much fun playing in the back yard and with Layla's fever I just decided to skip it. Anyway that evening we picked my parents up from the airport and met Jennifer, Justin and Deacon for dinner. Which was fun EXCEPT Sophia was a total hellion that night for some reason. I swear she whined and cried and threw like 5 tantrums while we were at the restaurant.

Sunday we went to church and then to Jennifer's granny's house to hang out with her and Justin's family. My dad did a little dedication prayer for Kara and a few of the other kids who had not been dedicated, which was really nice. We had lunch, an egg hunt, confetti eggs, and an egg toss which I had no part of (raw eggs? YUCK) Jennifer and Justin won, they kicked butt in that game. Anyway we had a great time there and then came home and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening playing outside. It was a perfect day.

My parents left this morning Sad And I'm sad to be back at work today Sad