What is your LO eating for lunch?

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What is your LO eating for lunch?

I know I've asked this before but tastes have changed Smile

What is everyone's LO eating at lunch time --especially if you have to pack lunch!

Looking at school starting again for us in a few weeks. We have been coasting on lunches but if you remember it was a big deal to the school that we were sending healthy foods for my picky pants.

Trying to start planning out lunches again.... what is working for you guys?

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Cold pasta salad! We are loving it lately. I bought these zoo shaped pasta, made pesto (sometimes use this natural pesto from Costco, in the cheese/meat refrigerator section but it's the season so I've made my own), and just serve it cold with tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, sometimes some leftover cold grilled sausage, cheese. It's a hit and we love to find the animals.

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I've been making a casserole or some large meal on Sunday nights for Deacon and I to take all week for lunch. This week its lasagna. I know that if he is offered it enough he will eventual try it. At home he would push the lasagna away - yet he loves lasagna noodles, cheese, meat and sauce. It finally took me explaining that he was basically eating NOODLES for him to try it and now he loves it.

Its so much easier for me to make one thing for the whole week than plan out a new lunch every day. Sometimes I even portion out 5 servings for each of us in our storage containers and grab them in the mornings - even easier!

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I do sandwich (thank you Curious George!!) cream cheese and turkey brest in it
.... whole wheat bread high on fiver, grapes or apple.. water bottle

when we are at home he eats whatever is for lunch Wink

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Miles eats chicken nuggets or english muffin pizza for lunch almost everyday. Sometimes fish sticks. We do lots of raisins, banana bread, granola, cereal bars, yogurt or cheese as sides since those are some of the few things he will eat. Lately he has started to eat more if I tell him he has to eat a bite of ______ before he can go play. As long as it's something he likes, he will take a few bites, or stuff a whole bunch of whatever it is in his mouth really fast.