Whats going on in May?

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Whats going on in May?

So tomorrow is May Day! What is on everyone's horizon for May? Is it finally starting to be summer where you are? Any fun plans?

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May is actually some of our WORST weather Sad we have "May Gray" and then "June Gloom". Oh well, it is starting to warm up some.

Not sure what all is going on this month though, we have another Street Faire for our new community coming up. DSD Adrienne's 30th Birthday and DD Tiff's 25th birthday are also this month.

Oh and Zayden's 3.5 birthday is on Mothers Day which is ALSO the day we have tickets to the Roger Waters The Wall Concert.

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Lots and lots of plans for May!

Thursday we leave for San Diego for a few days to visit BIL, SIL, and our niece & nephew. Going to their baseball games, Sea World, and an Airstream dealership!

The next two weekends we have weddings in Napa. MIL will be babysitting for the night both weekends.

Then is Memorial Day and Colby's big birthday bash! Meeting with the baker Wednesday, super excited.

Besides that, lots of getting the house/yard in order, which means lots of work and sweating Smile

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We have quite a bit going on in May. This thursday Ryken has an appt with his Endocrinologist to go over lab results. Then we're driving to my parents this weekend, and I'll be meeting friends on Saturday to look at dresses for a friend's wedding. We'll all go back to her place for the night for a mexican fiesta for Cinco de Mayo.

Then the following weekend, we will be going back to my parents for my MIL's benefit. She just finished treatment and is in remission. She'll be going back to work soon, and hopefully the cancer will be gone for good.

I'll be starting my part time job sometime soon. They're waiting on my drug tests and background check. It's going to be a huge adjustment for us, as I'll be working nights when DH gets home and 2-3 weekends a month.

Biggest thing is we're putting an offer on a house tonight. It's a foreclosure and is going to need a lot of work if we get it. It's priced super low, so we're hoping to get it even lower than that and then take out more to fix it up. I'm totally stressed about if it's a good decision or not.

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May will be busy for us too. Our Saturdays are busy with swimming and soccer. We are driving to Chicago, with a couple of guys riding with us (dh's coworkers/friends). It will be a tight fit in our minivan with 4 adults and our girls. The guys will be going for business and playing in a paintball event. I will be going to hang out with a friend and shop at Ikea! We will be camping on Memorial Day weekend. It is the only time we camp where there is no electricity or running water. I also want to get all of our baby stuff sold or donated.

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Kristen how fun! We are supposed to have crappy weather through Thursday/Friday but the weekend is supposed to be beautiful!

Katie GL on the house, how exciting! Its so cool when its your own house!

Tisha --you guys are going to be busy too!

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My husband is leaving to Germany for half of May. He is gone every week anyways, but never over weekends. That will be an adjustment for me. Next weekend my sister is going to come stay the weekend with me. The following weekend, Ava has her first Ballet performance to Swan Lake. THEN most importantly of all....My Birthday is coming up on the 24th (mark your calanders! Wink )

My Friend is trying to talk me into going up to the Black Hills in South Dakota to go camping over Memorial Day. But It would be just me and the kiddos. There will be plently of adults to help once we get there, and the kids are seasoned campers, but that drive alone sounds a bit daunting. We'll see.

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A whole lot of nothing! I turned the calendar over today and I was so excited that there's not much on there! LOL! We have a few more weeks of our mommy + me class. An all-city garage sale. A playdate. And ummm...that's about it so far?!

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May 9th I drive to Skagway our sleddogs for the summer we get there the 10th send the dogs up the glacier then drive right back and
we take the plane the 12th at midnight for our vacations...
then until the 26th we will be in UT/AZ hiking parks/canyons... back here the 26th

I just enrolled Florian at SOCCER Camp that start the 296th for 4 morning

so may is BUSY for us but at least most of it is "outside" on vacation...

For Alaskan "outside" is somewhere out of our state !!! ROFL

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May is a pretty busy month for us, too - lots of birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, wedding invites, etc. Preschool finishes up on the 17th and I'm planning to do an 11 week summer home schooling course with the boys, so I'll start that the 21st. It's already ninety degrees here, so I need to go ahead and get out the water table, sprinkler toys, and start playing with water in the back yard. We're gonna go stir crazy by August!

KATIE: Any word on the house? Did they accept your offer? That's so exciting!

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Josh has his last few preschool classes this month, his last day is May17. They are having a little ceremony and I am helping to decorate. Then for Memorial Day, DH's mom is coming up for a coule days. Other than that, nothing. I may try and get Josh into,a few summer camp sessions at Gymboree or our local rec center, but those don't start until June.

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DH's birthday is this Sunday, the 13th. Then my parents will come back from Europe on the 16th and stay with us again until the 19th, which is my mom's birthday. I took the day off work on Friday the 18th so we can do something fun (take the kids to the zoo maybe) before they go back home.

That pretty much wraps up our big plans for the month!

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"serwachic" wrote:

KATIE: Any word on the house? Did they accept your offer? That's so exciting!

We ended up not putting an offer on that house. We went through most of the paperwork and then last minute decided it was the wrong choice for us. The whole house needed to be redone and there was no way we were going to be able to get the money from the bank to do that. So the search continues!