Wicked bad day.

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Wicked bad day.

Ugh. Today has just been a miserable day for me. As if you couldnt tell by my horrendously nasty post about my MIL, which I ended up deleting. I guess my nerves are just on end. Audra has been sick since Saturday. Shes feeling better (not 100%) now, but now she just has a horrible attitude problem :rolleyes: . I know that its coming from lack of quality sleep and just feeling kinda yucky, but it doesnt make her any easier to deal with. Then theres Elijah. His nursing is driving me insane. He just keeps pulling on my nips and latching and unlatching. It really hurts and its frustrating! Not to mention, hes frustrated too because I just keep trying to reposition him because hes so wiggly. So today, I pumped and gave him a bottle. It was so much easier. Then theres this whole wedding thing on Saturday that my MIL canceled babysitting for today. Grrrr...

My attitude sucks today too...just like poor little Audra. Sad

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Lots of HUGS!! I have had those days and know how rough they can be. Hopefully today will pass and you can get some sleep tonight and wake up to a much better day tomorrow!

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It's all good...my poor DH makes a really good emotional punching bag...thank goodness for these boards too. When I am having a really bad day I troll the boards until I read enough stories about someone else having worst days then mine, not that I enjoy their misfortune but it helps me keep things in perspective. In the end, it would still feel better to just punch someone in the face some days...anyone.

Hang in there! xoxo

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Hang in there! I hope your day gets better!

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Hang in there Amanda!!! We had a day like that yesterday, actually it probably wasn't even as bad as yours is sounding. You can get through!

And don't feel badly about your MIL. I was seriously getting on the board today to rant about mine, and saw you had posted (didn't get to read it though) but was glad someone else feels the same. I feel like I'm trying so hard right now for her to not drive me crazy, and it just isn't happening!

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BTW, I love it when people say wicked. We don't say it on the west coast, so it's different sounding to me, but I love the word!

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Sorry you are having a rough time! I am glad you did the bottle. Sometimes something like that gives you a little breather that you need to get through. Hope it gets better soon.

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Hope today was a much better day for you than yesterday Smile

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Like always I am "late" in posting but I sure hope things are better :bigarmhug:

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Hope things have gotten a lot better for you!:bigarmhug: