***C-section Mommies!!!*** Family-Orientated C-Sections!! : )

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***C-section Mommies!!!*** Family-Orientated C-Sections!! : )


Read this!! Man, this will be my 4th c-section and I would have loved to do it this way the whole time! : ) talked to my mw and now I've got to speak to my OB. Heres hoping!! The things that appeal to me the most is not having my arm tied down, seeing the baby come out, them laying the baby skin-to-skin as soon as the babe comes out, BF in recovery, and the slower removal.

So excited about this!!!

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With Joshua it was kind of an emergency so it was quick, but he did spend time in the nursery before coming to me.

With Kay they changed the whole thing, Once she was out she never left my side, Rob was in the room with me, my arms weren't strapped down, Rob got to cut the cord. I didn't want her on my abdomen.... I am more of the kind of person who wants the baby cleaned up before I get them. I was able to breast feed right away. Even though that was difficult because I couldn't really sit up.

Rob was able to look at her being taken out but I didn't really want to see that. To each their own I guess. lol.

All in all it was a pretty decent c-section. And all the doctors and nurses were great. The guy who deals with the numbing stuff(can't remember what you would call him..lol) even offered to take our first picture of the three of us. It was pretty awesome.

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They usually strap your hands down??? Why??

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ya that does seem weird to me, even when I had to have the emergency one with joshua my hands were not strapped down.

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"ashamom27" wrote:

They usually strap your hands down??? Why??

I googled this because I realized I had no idea what the actual reason was. I didn't come up with any (legitimate, reputable) answers. Maybe Jenni knows? Lurkers?

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At my hospital they do. It is just incase you feel a pressure or sensation your natural reflex is to put your hands over wherever the discomfort is to protect yourself. During a c-section, putting your hands down there is way risky. So that is why they do it here...to prevent a mama from having a natural reflex and causing a problem when the doc is trying to get the baby out. Its a safety thing here. Anesthesia doesn't work the same on all people and sometimes women do feel things during their c-section. Hope this helps!

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Huh that is really interesting, just seems to make sense. It's great to see so many aspects of childbirth are improving from their formal clinical cold ways.

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That is what I have heard about the arms. Also when I have had mine, I am pretty numb and sometimes my arms sort of flail/flop around uncontrollably. Last time I got a horrible nose itch and only wanted to itch my nose, but bc I couldn't control my arms, they would flap around.

For my first I don't have much memory of it due to the circumstances. I had started puking and the epi wasn't working, they kept giving me more meds. My hands were tied down. I didn't recognize my husband holding the baby, but he was holding it immediately after her birth. (I remember more details too, but to make it short), then I went to sleep while they tried to fix what went wrong. This turned into an emergency situation, so I think it was treated as an emergency in that they don't want anyone extra in the room, anyone in the way. The team has to work together. In that situation, I wouldn't want my husband or anyone to see that. For my husband waiting back in my room with the baby, it was very traumatic and scary. He really thought I would die. But rationally it was best for him not to stand by my side and wait things out. The experience really scarred him. He is terrified of birth.

For my second, it was planned. I got a spinal in one room, then they transferred me to the OR. I remember being scared because of the last time and I didn't want that to happen. Once the drs were ready, my husband came in. My arms were tied down. I don't know how long it took the baby to come out. I saw him, they took my husband and baby into a seperate room, where my husband was forced to cut the cord (some people don't want to do that and they didn't seem to understand). Then baby came back to me. They unstrapped my arms. I held him until they were done. Then I was wheeled into the recovery room, holding baby the whole time. My husband joined us a few minutes later.

I don't remember music at the second one, but I remember the first had music. The anesth. asked what type music I wanted to hear, I didn't care. I told him to chose. It was the radio. The song, "The best is yet to come"was on while my daughter was born Smile

I think both times they asked if I wanted to watch, but I was like NO WAY!! Lol

I don't understand what they mean the baby is placed on the abdomen? I think is that before they give the baby to you? why would they do that? With #2 he was on my chest almost immediately. On my abdomen doesn't seem safe for me or baby?

I thought it was normal for the procedure to be explained? Both times it was explained to me (until during the first things went south and the dr was no longer calm).

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Wow that sounds wonderful! I'm not a c-section mom, but if I were this would be the best way to go through one!