*JuLiE*s baby is here!

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*JuLiE*s baby is here!

Saw on Facebook:

Logan Isaiah was born at 3:00 am today, 8 lbs 14 oz! Mom and baby are doing well.

Congrats to Julie and welcome little Logan!

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BTW, Julie, you now hold the record for biggest baby! (From those who have given the weights so far). That is, until I deliver on Friday. Then I'm sure I'll take the cake! Me and Katie will battle it out for biggest baby Wink

ETA: Oh, Logan, you've been ousted as biggest baby by Trystan! Our 2 biggest boys so far even share a birthday!

So, congrats on your big healthy boy Julie!

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Yay! Congrats on such a healthy boy!

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Congratulations Julie and welcome to the world Logan!

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Congrats! And Sandra I bet you're right you and I will go neck and neck for big babies Smile Lucky us ?? LOL

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Yay congratulations Julie!

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Congratulations Julie & Welcome to the World Logan!!!
:woohoo: Yahoo

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Congrats and welcome baby Logan!!!

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WTTW Baby Logan!
... I just had to check but my boy was 4120 g which =9 pounds 1.328 oz. It is weird how they are almost exactly the same size!

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Congratulations!!!! WTTW Logan!!

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Thanks, everyone!!! Smile And thanks Sandra for posting this! I totally didn't even think to ask anyone, so thank you! (and yes, I bet you are totally going to have a bigger baby than I did, been thinking of you lots lately, girl!).

I will check our birth story thread, and add mine to it. Its not really all that exciting, but this was definately my hardest labour/delivery so far. Wasn't long, though. But.. I did it all pain free, and no tearing! Hurray to me!
Oh man, I need to catch up on sleep.... who knows if my post even makes sense.

Thanks again for the congratulations! Smile