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2 Month CU

Today was our 2 month check up. Carter turned 2 months on Christmas Day but we waited until after the holidays to do this since he was going to be getting shots.

He weighes 12 pounds 14 ounces and 23.5 inches long which puts him in 65th percentile. Head circumference is 41.5 centimeters. He has met all his developmental milestones (cooing, smiling responsively, focusing on objects, good head control, and can hold head and chest up on forearms while on tummy). He got three shots and an oral vaccine (Rotateq). The first two shots he cried and little and then the third shot (penumococcal) he screamed. I felt so bad because I know that one hurts. I held him and gave him his bottle for a few minutes and he calmed right down and went to sleep.

Today has been off and on napping and fussing. He's had two doses of infant acetaminophen today, one before the appt at 830 and one this afternoon. I'll give him one more dose tonight. We'll be starting our bed time routine early tonight because I think it is going to take me a while to get him down. Tomorrow is also my first day back at work (((SIGH))) and I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. Sad

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Hm I didn't ask percentiles but I'm thinking if at 2 months he's 65th Rory must be off the chart LOL Sounds like he's such a healthy boy!

So sorry about work. I realized this week is my maternity leave mid point. Sigh. I know being a SAHM full time isn't really for me I like working 3 days a week but the idea that I only have 6 more weeks is so sad Sad GL going back!

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Good baby-growing, Mama! I'm thrilled he's so healthy and on-track.

Good luck going back to work tomorrow! You'll be in my thoughts. I was a mess before my first day back - and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought. Seeing everyone I'd not seen for a long time (since I'd not been at my brick & mortar job for 6+ months) was really nice and it helped the day go by a little quicker.

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Way to grow Carter & well done Mamma! Sorry you're going back to work tomorrow Sad Hope you'll still have a moment to swing by here

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Good job growing Carter!!!
Sorry you had to go back to work so soon--I hope its not as rough as you think it may be.
I don't know HOW I'll ever go back to work, I have been out of work since June 2009!

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Poor little man! I hope he feels better soon! Congrats on a good checkup otherwise Jenni!

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Sounds like Carter is doing great!!!

How is work going?

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I'm glad to be back at work and doing something other than baby related tasks. I love Carter more than my own life but I couldn't be a sahm. That makes me feel so selfish but I have to work...not just for the money but it makes me feel better to get out of the house. I miss him so much when I'm away and I'm so excited to come home to him. Unfortunately I am sick right now with a nasty virus that is killing my throat. I never get sick anymore so this came as quite a shock to me. Matt is taking care of him so I don't pass on my germs. It is going to be plenty of rest, fluids, ibuprofen, and magic month wash in my near future.

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