2 Weeks Pospartum- Devin gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks!

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2 Weeks Pospartum- Devin gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks!

I haven't been on the board as much. Life with a newborn! I'm loving having a baby in the house again. He is definately a gift!

Devin had his 2 week checkup this week. He is now a whopping 9.6 pounds! He was 7.6 when he was born on the 20th. Breastfeeding is going well (ya think?!).

I also had an appointment with my internal medicine doctor yesterday. I got on the scale and... I lost 23 lbs! I gained 20 during the pregnancy. I have NEVER ended a pregnancy with my weight at a deficit! I can't button my pre-pregnancy jeans yet but I can still get them on and not too tight. My goal is to lose another 50 pounds and be healthy for my 5 boys (FIVE BOYS...gotta get used to saying it!)

So postpartum? So far, tolerable. Not too much of the baby blues although I have had a day or two of rocky emotions. I'm just grateful for a smooth recovery so far!

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what a great report! 2 lbs in 2 weeks?!?! huzzah! nice job mama's boobies!

i'm so jealous that you're down BELOW pre-pregnancy weight! i have 30 lbs to go! :eek: and i've been eating like i'm still pregnant. :rolleyes:

keep up the good growing, devin!

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Wow! Good growing Devin!

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Great job!! And I'm with you--I have another 30 to lose to be at a healthy weight...hopefully the breast feeding will help that out! Smile

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I'm so glad everything is going beautifully for you Tamara! I know I can't wait to take Trystan to the Dr. to see how much my little man is weighing in at (he doesn't go until the day after Christmas)!!