20 week US...

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20 week US...

Well, no news yet on my Amnio and it has been over 2 weeks, I think I will call tomorrow.
I had my Big US today and everything looks great so that is a relief.

So we are having a.....


I have to say that I knew it all along, but I was hoping for another girl. I felt a bit numb when the technician told me and then I felt a bit teary and more tearful later. I know I will gradually come around to the idea, but I do feel pretty depressed to be honest..

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Congrats on your little guy being healthy. I am sorry you are down...I am so happy you can be honest about it. I know a couple people who have gone through this and once they held their little one they were happy but it is hard when you really have your mind set on one gender. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help.

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Congratulations on a healthy baby boy!

I completely understand the very NORMAL feelings of imagining the baby as one gender. I think I would have been a bit sad if I was having a girl. My Mother had her heart set on my 3rd brother being a girl, and she said once she held him and realized how he fit in with his brothers, she couldn't be happier.

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I felt the same way when I first found out my boys were not girls. DH always jokes that I started crying when I found out (I didn't, but I was disppointed). After I got more used to the idea I was happy though; and now I wouldn't change them for anything. Smile You will get used to it soon & the disappointed feeling will not last long.

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Glad you've got a healthy ultrasound confirmation. Give yourself lots of time to acclimate to the news!

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Congratulations on a healthy baby boy Smile I'm glad the u/s went well and that everything looked good.

Give yourself time and you will come around. Boys are great fun Dirol

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Thanks for your words of understanding guys!:)
I guess it is that I have jad such a great timer with my daughters super girly personality, she is much more girly than I was,haha, that it is hard to imagine anything more fun than that.
I find some comfort that it is a boy since my Dad died just before Xmas, it makes sense somehow and we will use his name as a middle name foe sure!

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:bigarmhug: Glad all looked well on your u/s!!!! KUP on your amnio, I know if all is well with blood work, etc at my doc office, they do not call.

Little boys are fun! We are using DHs dad's name for a middle name too, he passed away a few months after Stephen was born.

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No news is usually good news! I am sure everything is going to turn out all right like it did for me. There are so many false positives, I have to wonder if ever I have another baby whether I would go through the testing or not.

That said, I have my heart set on another girl as well. I dont know the sex just yet but i am sure that if Im having a boy I too will be disapointed. That said, how will I ever know how great a boy can be if I never have one? I am sure that it will be so amazing to experience having one of each!

Big hugs!!

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Congrats on your healthy boy!

I am hoping for another girl this time too....getting nervous about finding out! We have 1 of each and both of us will be a little disappointed if it's another boy, but I guess we'll be OK Biggrin

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thanks guys, you are so sweet!
I am heading back to Southern Va,(land of no internet), later today, so sorry I keep popping in and out. Hopefully we will get this house closing before baby is born.

Now waiting for Drs to call me back, re test results, but it sounds like they do not have them yet.

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Don't you feel bad at all for expressing how you truely felt. I was the same way with all of my boys, and I don't mind admitting it. In my heart of hearts I wanted a girl EVERY TIME I got pregnant... and would be fine with never having boys. It's just what my heart is set on. I got my prayers finally answered with baby #3, but with #1, #2, and this new #4 I cried all the way home from the U/S appt and was upset for days. I'm always glad they're healthy, but I agree that when you have your heart set on something, it's hard to give it up. Just wait until you hold him though... he will be the light of your life, and you wouldn't trade him for 1000 girls!