27 weeks (:

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27 weeks (:

I posted in here before about asking what to do.
Well, I have finally told my mom, and close family and a few friends. I have also talked to my boyfriend and we are going to keep our little baby.
I have been to the doctors and the heartbeat is good, and so was my blood pressure. Sadly my first ultrasound isn't booked until the 31st. And I am going to be finding out the gender of it.
My family is very dissapointed which is expected and understandable, but everyone has been a huge help and very supportive.
I am going into grade 10 and I am turning 15. I will be going to school starting rade 10 in September, and then going back after the baby here asap.
Now my boyfriend and I are going to have to start looking at names and such. (:
Just wanted to give an update, and I will keep you guys updated!
I am not looking for hate comments and such.
I am just here to update, and look for some friends and people to talk to.
If you want to drop me a private message go right ahead (:
Ohh, ps. I am due on November 19th according to the doctors.

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First off-I am so relieved you talked to your family and they are supportive. It's normal for them to be disappointed, but it's good that they are supporting your (and your bf's) decision.
I am also happy you're getting the prenatal care that your baby needs now and that he or she seems healthy so far.

It's going to be alot of hard work balancing school and motherhood, but you can do it, and I wish you all the best!! Thanks for updating us-I've been wondering how things were.

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Thanks for the support as well (:
And I will keep you guys updated, and have my ultrasound picture on here when I can.

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Hi Ashleii,

I hope you don't mind my joining in. I have followed your journey and am glad that you were able to confide in your mom and found that while naturally disappointed, that you do have support. It sounds as if you have a basic game plan set. Smile Good for you!

One of the many hats that I wear on and offsite, is to work with families dealing with various situations -- including teen pregnancy. While I definitely welcome you to continue posting here, I did want to share an additional recommendation that you may find beneficial: Standupgirl.com There you will find some wonderful connections and content geared more directly for teens. It also has some for your mom as well. We have worked with the founder - Becky - many years ago and continue to support her endeavors with this site.

I wish you only the best! Please also feel free to contact me at any time either via pm or email at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email].


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I am actually a member of that site (: They have deffinetly helped me through a lot, and it's nice talking to people that have wennt through the same thing and are going through the same thing also.
Thank you for the support and help. (:

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Yay Ashleii, I congratulate you on your courage to tell your mom! Thank you for updating us too! I can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl!

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I have also been following your journey. I couldn't comment because your story made me so emotional. I totally feel for you.

I am so happy you confided in the adults in your life. Thank you for updating us! My thoughts and prayers are with you on this difficult journey!

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I am so glad you have made a decision that you feel good about! No one said it would be easy...but it is definitely do-able. It is wonderful that your parents know. Naturally they are disappointed but they will adjust and come to fall in love with the baby. Let them help you out however they can. If I could offer you one piece of advice it would be this... STAY IN SCHOOL! Good luck and I look forward to your u/s pics!!!

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As I am excited to find out what it is ! (:
I will update you guys as much as possible! And put as many pics up as I can lol.
I thank all of you for all the support and help.
I am going to stay in school, I am a high grade student. I am going back in September until the baby comes, and then as soon as I can go back I will be back. I am deffinetly going to college as well.
I know with the hel pfrom everyone that this is possible, and I will show people it is.

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*hugs* you can do it.

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*Hugs* You can do this! I'm due the 20! (ticker needs to updated) Look forward to your posts and getting to know you this last trimester Smile

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Thats so great to hear! So glad that you are getting family support Smile Good luck girlie

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I'm so happy to hear that you talked to your parents and got in to see a doctor. I'm sure you're feeling much better about the pregnancy now. I wish you nothing but the best for the future!

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Thanks for the update I've been wondering how things were going for you. Glad you've got support from your family, the disappointment will pass especially when they see their grandbabe and how hard you'll be working on school and everything. Glad your checkup went well & your ultrasound is only 2 weeks away! Biggrin

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Thank you for the update!

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Hi Ash!!
I followed your journey on The Anything topic board. Glad to hear you talked to your parents and they are supporting. Of course they are disapointed at first but I think that is totally normal.
Can't wait to see your u/s pics and to know the sex. Take care and be strong.

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I am very anxious to see my little one for the first time on the ultrasound! To hear it's heartbeat again and to find out what this little budle is going to be! (:
I am really hoping that Jake will be able to come to see his baby (: And to just fall that much more in love with it.
I can't wait to see him hold it for the first time.
I know this is something very big, but I am so excited. I'm so anxious and excited!!
Thanks guys!

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I have been following your posts. I am glad you talked to your parents. I am not sure where you are in Ontario but I do know that there are high schools with day cares and programs for teen parents. I would go into your Guidance office at your school when the office opens and talk to them.

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There unfortunetly isn't a latch key/day care. But my grandma will be watching the little one while I am in school (: Because she baby sits.
But thankfully there is a parenting class and I think I can take that in grade 11 or something. So next year.
I am also looking into going to some classes (lamoz and/or parenting) with my boyfriend. (:

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Ashleii!!!! I have been hoping that you would post something like this! I don't mean to sound motherly with this, but I am so totally proud of you for deciding against abortion. I had the biggest grin on my face as I was reading your post! You will see just in a few months what an incredible blessing your baby will be to your life! Congrats again on your decision... it was very brave of you. PM me if you ever want to talk! This is my fourth baby, so I can certainly help you out with any questions you may have! And welcome officially to November, mommy-to-be!

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Awee thank-you so much! (:
We have decided on a name for a girl so far. Camryn Delilah Elaine Loewen.
I thought Camryn Delilah sounded so pretty together, and my boyfriend thought it was cute as well.
Elaine came from my grandma, my mother and my middle name (are all Elaine, so I thought I'd keep it going) Then of coarse the last name of my boyfriend.
Now just to come up with something for a baby boy. (:
My sister bought my baby its first sleeper/hat outfit, and she also got some other things.
Then my mother and I went uptown and grabbed a pack of recieving blankets and a baby book to keep track of things for the baby (:
Later on after my moms nap (lol) We will be going up again to look at some more clothes. To hopefully find a better selection and better deals.
The big stores have hardly no selection anymore :/ And are soooo expensive now! -.-
Thanks again!

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Thank you for letting us know how you are doing, Ashleii! So thankful to hear you have decided to keep your precious baby!
I am very relieved to hear you spoke with your mom and close family and friends. I think its amazing that you desire to continue your education as well... way to go!
Wishing you all the best!
Keep us posted!

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Deffinetly will!
I am surprised at what a poor selection of baby clothes stores have here, and how outrageously priced they are ! 0.o
I am getting too excited for the 31st to find out what I am having!
I will let you guys no as soon as I do!

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I have also been following your story and I am glad that you made a decision that was best for you and you are receiving support!!! It takes a lot of courage to do what you did...WTG!!

I have a little boy and agree that there isn't much selection for them and it's expensive ....Have you tried One Upon A Child??? It is used clothing..BUT the clothing are very cheap and in great condition..form what I have seen they carry higher end clothing...Carters, Oshkosh, Gap ect and the clothing is clean and undamaged...if you look hard enough you even find clothing with original tags on them still, especially in the newborn sizes. They roate there stock so you will find clothing with coloured dots on the tags and they are 1/2 price.

I have bought a few thing from there and heading there in a soon to buy some toys....

Just a suggestion

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Hey Smile
Not sure what part of Ontario you are in, but where I am, there are quite a few good second hand stores, like Once Upon A Child, and you can even get brand new clothes during sales at Childrens Place, Gymboree and Carters for pretty cheap (those are the main stores I shop at).... or shop online too... end of seasons, usually.
Can't wait to hear what you're having! Smile

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Thanks (:
Where is Once Upon a Child located where you are?
And what are some good online stores you have ordered from?
Thanks for the help!!