28 week appt... (xp)

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28 week appt... (xp)

Hey girls! So today I had my 28 week OB appt... everything was pretty routine and nothing too amazing to report. His HR was good (she never tells me what it is though!) and I'm measuring one week ahead, which I won't complain about lol, I'm totally cool with him coming early! I'm up 3 lbs from my last appt, so have now gained a total of 16 lbs :eek: but what can you do?! I'm officially on the every two week appt track now! Tomorrow I go for my 2 hour GD test... wish me luck!

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Yay good luck and keep up the good work Smile

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Good appt! How did your test go?

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Hope you GD test went well....when do you get the results?? 16lbs is not to much..I would not worry about it. Glad your LO is doing good.