28 weeks...woohoo!

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28 weeks...woohoo!

Yeah Me! Made it to 28 weeks today...I am feeling very happy and very blessed. This has been a very difficult pregnancy for me (with stupid subchorionic hematoma), so it feels really great to be at the 28 week mark.

Hematoma couldn't be found on last scan which either means it is resolved, or just so thin that they couldn't find it with everything else going on in my uterus...but it isn't causing any more bleeding (thank goodness!!) and hasn't disrupted either placenta, so I am feeling good about where things are with it.

All seems well with my LO's...good growth, good fluid, all anatomy scans have looked great. (Expecting one of each flavor).

Both are head down!!

My cervix is still long and closed (4.3 cm)!!

And, I passed my 1-hour glucose test!!

Not too shabby for an "old" lady.;)

Sure, I have lots of aches, pains, swelling, nose bleeds, back pains, BH's, etc I could complain about, but right now I am trying to focus on the positive and celebrate how far I have come!!

Just thought I'd share.:icecream:

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Glad things are going so well for you! Great news about the hematoma.

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Congrats! That's great you are feeling good, passed the GD and the hemotoma has gone! Yay for your healthy babes!

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Glad things are going so well! I am looking forward to getting to that 28 week mark too!

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That is amazing Smile So glad LO is looking good! 28 weeks feels so good doesnt it? Smile Congratz!!!!

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Congrats on 28 w!!!! Smile Do you have names picked out for them?? I LOVE twin names!!

My gf just had boy\girl twins and named them Elias and Alivia. Smile

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We are keeping names a secret....:wink: sorry!!!

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What a great milestone! Congrats on having a boy and a girl!!!

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Yaa for week 28!!! Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy Smile

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Congrats on all of the good news!! I've never had a c-section and don't know the "multiples protocall" but will they try to deliver vaginally since they're both head down or do they always make you have the c-section with multiples?

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Thanks everyone!:)

@Krystal: It depends on your OB and the hospital. Luckily, my OB is open to a vaginal delivery for me, providing everything stays ok--no emergency issues or problems. Some OB's insist both LO's are presenting head down...others say as long as one is head down you are ok. I've been trying to prepare with hypnobabies....hopefully I will be ready!:)