30-day Shred Day #1

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30-day Shred Day #1

Oh my word. What a good workout! Before starting, I thought I would kill myself, but actually, I didn't do too badly, surprisingly!
I have decided I need to get rid of this baby weight, like NOW. I would like to lost 25lbs (15 baby weight, 10lbs from other two kids).
Its been really getting me down lately, but I do realize that I am nursing, so the girls (my boobs LOL) are VERY large right now.. but my belly is so flabby from stretching out so much... I need to get back into working out, and then running once spring comes.
The kids did the work out with me, now that was funny to watch! I need to get weights, so we just used water bottles for today,
which worked.
Is anyone else working out, or doing the 30-day shred? I need some movitators!! Smile

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I'd love to start something! I have to wait until I get my tax return to get a treadmill, as I watch too much crime tv to go out and run by myself lol!

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Jillian's 30 day shread is awesome! Go you!

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Good luck Julie! I'm about to start Moms into Fitness 60 day Slim Down! WOOHOO!