32 week appt today! (xp)

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32 week appt today! (xp)

So everything went smooth as usual. BP is good, babys HR is good (although they don't ever tell me the actual numbers lol). I went ahead and made the rest of my appts through the end of my pregnancy, which kind kf freaked me out a little bit! Im measuring a week ahead still, so either he's a big boy or maybe he'll come early!! Only two more appts and then I go every week, I can't believe how the time has flown...

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I'm glad you had a good appointment! It is so exciting to book the rest of the appointments!

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Glad that you had a great appt. I too was kind of freaked out when I could count the last of my OB appts. For me now it is 2...crazy.

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I'm glad it went so well for you! Yay for healthy babies!

I assume you made appointments through 40 weeks? Bet you won't make it there!

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Boring appointments are what I like best!!