33 week appt

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33 week appt

At 31 weeks I measured two behind and now at 33 weeks I'm measuring 37!! No wonder I need suspenders!!! I've grown 8cm in two weeks and gained three pounds for a total of nine. The dr thinks at my scan tomorrow my due date will be moved up and she plans on inducing two weeks before it, so baby girl might arrive even earlier than October 25.

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Wow! Measuring 6 weeks ahead indicates a CRAZY growth spurt! Let us know how your scan goes tomorrow!

Is everything else going well for you, health-wise?

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Wow - that is a big growth spurt! I can't wait to hear about the results tomorrow. Glad all is going well.

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Growth spurt indeed! Please KUP! Smile

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Everything else seems to be fine. I would suspect my amniotic fluid is a bit high but well see tomorrow!

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Dang, that's a big growth spurt!

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Wow no wonder the suspenders, lol. Have you been feeling tired, or did you manage to get a bunch done after the renos? Did you have the scan and how did that go?

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Renos are still not done.. Errrrr.... Almost done though! This week I hope!

The sacan showed her a week ahead. I go back next week to see the dr and probably have my induction advanced.

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