37 weeks full term with belly pics

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37 weeks full term with belly pics

OK little boy you can arrive any time now!!

I feel huge. And low. But I get comments ranging from low and ready to go to high and looking great. Doc said his head was "right down there" last week. So hopefully that means maybe I won't go over?! MAYBE? HAHA But overall I feel good. I'm trying to stay active hoping it helps move things along. I think work is in denial b/c they still have NO concrete plan for who is taking over my responsibilities. Awesome. But hey when the time comes they will have to figure it out b/c I'm going to be a little busy Smile

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You look super!

(Your house looks nice too! I love how bright and airy it is.)

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You look wonderful... and not big at all! He definitely looks low though... nothing like my basketball I'm sporting right under my boobs!

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You look great! Not too big but definitely low. I second Sandra's opinion - your house looks very light and airy!

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HAHA that's actually the "dog's" family room. My house has a front living room that has all the toys/baby stuff and the dogs have no access then back there is the kitchen and family room that the dogs chill in Smile

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You look tiny! All belly! TFS!

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You look FANTASTIC!! And I like your house, too!

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Beautiful baby belly!!! I love that your dogs have their own family room Smile