38 week appt

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38 week appt

Little man has dropped even lower. But I am still not even dilated a cm!!!!!!!! Next appt is next Monday and he said we could discuss induction if I wanted to. SO we will see! I am SO ready. I can't believe all of the contrax I have been having and NO progress!!!!

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I'm sorry about the no progress - however, cervical dilation can happen in minutes!

Would you do the induction at 39 weeks, or 40?

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It's not fair, right? I guess the contractions were moving him down? That's what happened to me too- just the baby moving lower.
But, hey- it's almost over either way!!

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My next appt I will be 39.5 weeks. He will do it closer to 40.

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Well that's something anyway, glad you had a good appointment and perhaps no dialation earlier today doesn't mean no progress!

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Hopefully as baby's head moves lower you'll start to efface and dilate. The good news is you can't be pregnant forever! I hope LO comes soon.

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Ugghh... I know its frustrating to hear that nothing is happening down there, especially if you've felt stuff happening. I know you're so ready to be done, but baby knows exactly when to come! As long as you're both doing ok and babys not getting too big, waiting till you're 40weeks is ok!! Good luck with your decision!!