38 week m/w appt

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38 week m/w appt

Well had my mw appt this morning, nothing exciting to report. In fact Aubrey has moved up and is sitting 2/5 whereas last week she was 4/5 engaged! Got my blood results back and my iron stores are still low at 9, so mw wants me to bulk on greens over the next few weeks.
Now we just sit and wait til she decides to come.

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Isn't the sitting and waiting starting to get old?

Gratz on a good appointment. I bet if they'd measured her an hour later, she have moved back into an engaged position. Babies are tricky like that. Not too much longer!

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Little monkey! Glad your doc suggested greens rather than iron pills to make you plugged up.

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These babies sure do move a lot don't they? I'm sure she'll be ready to go by delivery.

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stinker!!! they do have a mind of their own already!

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Lol she sounds like a stinker already... I have one of those too!!