39 week Appt and Belly

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39 week Appt and Belly

39 weeks! Yahoo! Yahoo

Absolutely NOTHING going on down there. I'm completely closed. Baby's head isn't even engaged, it's still floating up above my pelvis. Of course, with 3rd baby's it is unlikely to drop until labour. Which is hard to believe because of how low my belly is!

But baby is comfy inside. Still measuring a bit ahead - 41 weeks. No weight gained for me in the past 3 weeks at all though. OB said if he comes this week or next week, he'll be a good size (at least 8 lbs) and come fast and easy. If he goes 10 days overdue like his brother, I'll be in for another 9.5 pounder. My OB is on call this weekend so hopefully I see her then and NOT at my appt next Tuesday. But probably not :confused: knowing how comfy my babes get in there.

Everything is ready, so I'm ready to start evicting baby! I normally am not one to try and get him out before the due date, but seriously.....I can't carry this belly around much longer!
(sorry if pics are big, they size a while for the resize to take effect)

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Yay for great appt

You look great but inthink it looks painful to carry baby out so far! Not much longer! Yahoo

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Yay for a great appt!! I hope he comes soon and isn't late!

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You look great - but definitely big Smile I hope he makes his arrival!

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Congrats on a great appt! I can't believe baby is so low but still floating!! It's crazy how low that belly is... you look beautiful!!