39 week belly.....

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39 week belly.....

39 weeks of hugeness

Even my big shirts don't really fit anymore.....

A little blurry but you get the scary idea

I feel pretty huge.....I'd love him to arrive ASAP but I'm not feeling anything....sigh...

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Yahoo - great belly! These babes are cooked!!!!

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Your belly looks gorgeous!

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Beautiful pics Katie!!

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HAHA you ladies are too sweet I don't feel beautiful I feel like a bloated whale!! LOL So ready to pop I mean really kid aren't you done in there? I promise it's more fun out here....your brother will teach you to throw blocks and when I'm tired I will let you watch way too much Mickey Mouse Smile

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aw you look fabulous! all belly! come on baby!

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You are definitely all belly! Gorgeous!