3D Ultrasound -pics! Gender!

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3D Ultrasound -pics! Gender!

Here's a bellyshot, this was just 2 weeks ago

We all skipped out yesterday afternoon and went to our 3D ultrasound together. Baby was sitting awkward, umb.cord in the way, keeping legs shut etc, really giving the tech/owner a workout. We were there for about a half hour just in 'guess mode' but she (and me too) got to feeling more and more confident as time went on and little peeks allowed.

Just last weekend my friend asked me "so what do you think, boy or girl" and I really dodged the question. I am so thrilled to have either, but still I just didn't want to jinx it, kwim? But I had to admit this PG feels quite different to my DD, wanting beef all the time, feeling those high kicks way up under my boobs, and tonnes of activity (it's been more interesting to get my belly out at night and watch it, rather than the tele, lol).

Finally we got the confirmation - It's a Boy!

I am still in shock, I think this will take a couple days to sink in. On the drive home I was saying 'omg we have to buy peepee teepees and everything', lol. DH is very happy, but playing it cool too 'what's so surprising, we had a 50/50 chance' lol. Yeah, but not according to medical science and the dang doctors we didn't :). So my ultra-cool DH happened to have 20 minutes between meetings today and came home with newborn baby boy clothes :D.

We got a video and couple photos, but just generally the 45 minutes seeing our baby was priceless. I was already in tears seeing baby stretch and have a big yawn, this was before we'd figured out gender, just so dang sweet ya know. Our DD got a bit bored during the appointment, but she was all about telling Grandpa & Nana the news last night, and all her teachers, her friends and their parents at preschool today. So she's pretty thrilled to know there's a little brother in Mummy's tummy.

Here's the photos, they are snaps of the glossies so were as clear as I could get them. Just profile shots... it was a good thing we got these earlier on as he was really snuggled into me and then he covered up his whole face with arms and hands, little monkey.

I think the arrow was pointing at his foot and toe way up at his face!

this one is my favourite, he looks just like his Daddy. Here's where I can really see the same lil nose as his two older sisters Smile

Yes, we have a name - we've had it picked out before we were even dating. Liam Myles. Myles is DH's middle name and his father's real first name (though FIL uses his middle). It won't take me much longer to get comfortable calling my belly Liam.

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So awsome congratz Smile !!!!

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Welcome to team awesome, I mean blue!!!!!

I'm so happy for you, Rae! I still can't believe how long you had to wait for those results. And I think you look very svelte and glamorous (and a little bit like the actress Jenna Fischer) Biggrin

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Thanks Christina, the shots are not nearly as clear and awesome as yours though!

Jasmine I am over the moon! All this waiting for Baby #2 has been well worth the wait, lol. You are good for my ego too :oops: tee hee thanks!

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Just seeing this now!!! (strange cause I totally am stalking you! Smile )
Congrats!!!!! So excited for you all!!!!
You look awesome!!

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Congrats on your baby boy!!!!
That must be so exciting!!!

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Yay for Team Blue! And I love the name... congrats to you!!

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Congrats on your little boy!!!! Great name..and the pics are awesome!