6 week check up

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6 week check up

I finally got Em in for his 6 week check up today. My big handsome boy is doing really well Smile

He's 12 lbs 14 oz, and 25 inches long! He is off the chart for height, and 85th% for weight. He has grown 3 inches since he was born! His head circumference is 90th%.
His circ is healing nicely and all looks well down there.

We'll head in to the Public Health Nurse for shots at 2 months and then see our Ped again at 3 months.

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What a big, handsome boy! What is in your breastmilk? You should sell that stuff, lol!

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Oh wow! What a great healthy boy he is! He is so cute too- looks just like Ella! Nick is short of 12 lbs at 2 months +! You have golden milk!

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Thats great!!! He is so cute! and he is growing so well Smile

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he's absolutely adorable!!

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PS...his hair looks red in this pic. Is it that color in person? I remember you said you wanted one of your kids to have your hair color.

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All my kids go through this stage when they are about this age - their hair looks red in certain lights! But it's really just brown LOL. In a few months there won't even be a red tinge at all. Kind of sad!

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Great work Sandra & way to grow Emerson! He's just gorgeous :love10:

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Wow, what a big guy! I just weighed Laszlo on Thursday at 9 weeks, and he was 12 lbs 6 ounces! How neat that he is off the chart Smile

Hopefully your next baby will get your red hair!

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What a gorgeous little man! Way to grow Emerson! That's some powerful mommy juice you have therelol!