7 Day Diet (OT)

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7 Day Diet (OT)

No, I'm not restricting calories or nutrients during pregnancy! Don't worry - I'm definitely eating like a horse. Biggrin

I just read this idea on a writer's forum a few moments ago. Basically, it is a diet (or cleanse) of complaining for 7 days. You can state issues in a purpose-driven fashion, and request changes, but no whining for the sake of whining. At least not verbally. The goal is to change your outlook and communication style for the better.

I'm going to do it. I'll probably forget once or twice and "cheat" on the diet. SO will probably think he's died and gone to heaven. I was re-reading spiritual midwifery yesterday @ the beach - Ina Gaskin said something about trying to avoid complaining during pregnancy. I basically think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Here goes!

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Oh, I thought it was about food! LOL!
So the diet means you cannot complain? Hmmm.... worth a shot!

I am guilty of doing it too much....

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I really should try that.I am HORRIBLE about complaining.There is always something for me to complain about and I am sure to do it lol.I will have to give this a shot.

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I'm not much of a complainer.....I think it's b/c my mother was the most unsympathetic person on earth LOL If I complained about something she'd typically find a (logical) way to prove it was my own fault and therefore I should suck it up. It's worked well for me I don't complain much but I find I have to remind myself NOT to take the same approach with other people who are used to some degree of sympathy people think you're a real B if you aren't ever giving them any sympathy.

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LOL I am a big whiner. I doubt I could go 1 day!

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Sounds pretty good, good luck not cheating on your new diet!

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Interesting... but then I wouldn't be able to post here as much lol!