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How aactive are your babies? Just curious because other babies I meet/have met since my first (here not in USA) are so calm and barely move. For example many babies here are completely content to lay perfectly flat in a carry cot until 8-9 months. Is that normal or are my kids extraordinary? I think my kids seem normal as they progress similar to my [nearly 30 in number] nieces and nephews and on the bbs I've been on, they seen to progress just like the others.
Here it is stressed to keep the babies flat as long as possible to help the lungs, but my all my kids at about 2 months started straining to sit up (they couldn't but daggnabbit they tried their hardest!) I just tried to find a picture of what I mean, but I can't find one.
Also my kids are always flailing their arms and legs, they just can't seem to be still.

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Emerson is pretty active. If he is lying on the floor under his toys, his arms and legs are always pumping and kicking. He spends lots of time sitting in his swing (he doesn't sit still though, he's still kicking away) and sitting up on the couch (propped up with a pillow). He can't roll over yet, but he doesn't often lie still and not move.

One of the moms at my son's dance class brings her baby with her. She must be about 8-9 months old, because she looks really big to be in an infant carseat. This baby just sits completely still in her carseat still wearing her jacket for the entire half hour class! Doesn't even make a peep. None of my kids would have done that unless they were sleeping.

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Laszlo is a crazy wild man. If he's still and concerned looking while awake, I know he's about to poop. I really try to avoid laying him on his back very much at all, because I'm kind of neurotic about flat back of the head syndrome. When he's awake, he's on his tummy, sitting on my lap or his latest favorite- standing with support!

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Trystan only likes to lay on his back when he's sleeping. If he's awake and I try to lay him on his back he screams at me! He likes to rock in his swing, sit in his pooh chair or be held by someone! He definitely prefers to sit up. Lately I've been propping him up on pillows to play with him... he loves stuffed animals now, he wants to eat them lol!

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I have an active wee miss. I have what I call the 'circuit' of baby equipment lol, and she gets rotated through them during the day. Lots of tummy time to strengthen her muscles. While she's on her tummy she looks like she's trying to swim (I'll add a vid). Spends a few mins in the Jolly Jumper, bouncer, and exersaucer.

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Oh jeez Rory is in constant motion - I can only get him to sleep at night swaddled b/c he'll keep himself awake moving otherwise! My friend had a daughter though that was just content to sit and watch things. Very placid, docile baby. She's almost 2 now and as much in to things as a typical 2 year old. SHe was just a laid back baby. I joke that Rory hates being a baby b/c he can't DO anything....

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Aubrey is so strong Nicole! Niva is a calm one; she is one of those that will sit happily in her seat & chill. I guess she has two big brothers who are very entertaining to watch! My boys were much more active though.

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Carter is very active. When he's awake he is moving. He rolls all over the place and kicks his legs like crazy.