AF just had to show her ugly face! (xp)

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AF just had to show her ugly face! (xp)

So I got my period a couple of days ago. How can this be? I'm still BF exclusively. Is it because I'm pumping at work? Is it because of the mini pill? I thought as long as you were BF, AF wouldn't make her crappy appearance?!?! WTH is going on? Does this mean that I'm ovulating again now (which freaks me out now, because DH and I finally DTD a couple of days ago and I let him you know what inside of me, even though I still have a week and a half to go before my first pack of the mini pills are finished... stupid, I know)? Help!

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My understanding is that women who breastfeed exclusively can still start menstruating again at any time - though most don't start again until 8-9 months postpartum. I got AF 4 weeks after L was born, ugh... though I'm not a great milk producer so I think I sort I don't count. However, my sister was a GREAT milk produce and also got AF 4 weeks pp. In short, I think it is widely variable.

From what I've read, oulation can also rarely begin really quickly pp...even without the return of AF. Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear, but good luck and hugs!

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Awww, that sucks!

When I BF DD, I got AF at 6 months postpartum. I was not feeding her as much at that point - she was having formula a couple times a day. I finished BFing her for good at 7 months.

I know someone who got pregnant while breastfeeding and hadn't had an AF yet. Hard to realize you're pregnant when you don't miss AF cause you aren't expecting it!

No AF this time for me. If I stay true to the past I likely won't until my BFing slows down, but some women obviously do get AF while BFing!

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Oh that sucks! My pattern is no AF until 6 mos PP, but I did get pregnant with my DD ( #4) while Bf-ing and no PP AF ( it was 5 mos PP).
Taking the mini pill can make you bleed though too.

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Oh lordy! I hope you don't get pregnant again!

PS- I KNOW you know that you are suppose to use back up for the first entire month on the pill! Biggrin

PPS- Even though the pill is suppose to suppress ovulation it doesn't always! Case and point- I got pregnant on the pill.

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I got pregnant when Kay was 2.5 months old and I was breastfeeding her every 2 hours, and at night it was sometimes more then that, and I never got my period. Boo to that. I also got pregnant well I was on the pill with my first child, boo to that as well.

The one and only time we have had sex he went before he thought he was going to and some ended up inside... Boo to that as well. Cause if I get pregnant again I am sewing everything up. lol. I can't imagine 3 under 2.

I hope that my period stays away but at the same time it would be nice to have a reassurance every month.

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I pumped for the first 2 months every two hours then I stopped. I still havent heard from AF yet Parker is 3months and 4 days old. my dr said that it can take up to a year and there is nothing you can do or dont do to make it come or go... sorry

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Thanks for the input ladies. I'm really praying that our little slip up last week doesn't end up making another baby! I really don't think it could, as if for nothing else I was on my period, which would mean ovulation was done... so that coupled with BF and the pill I think I'm OK. I just hate that after four kids I finally get BF down to an art and AF shows up! Not fair! I blame the stupid mini-pill.