Allergic reaction?

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Allergic reaction?

So last night DH and I go out for sushi and we take T with us. After dinner they bring us some mango ice cream, and T was staring so intently as I was eating it and kicking his little feet while chomping at the bit, so I gave him a few little tastes. I'm talking, four or five teeny-weenie bits on the edge of the spoon. We finished up and drove over to Best Buy, and when we got him out of the car his entire face and mouth had red welts all over it, and he was rubbing his eyes like crazy! I immediately started tearing up and freaking out, as after four babies I've never seen anything like that before (none of my other kids have any sort of allergies). We checked to make sure that he was breathing fine, which he was... so we just raced home. I put him in the tub to wash him down, gave him some vitamins, infant advil, and bf him. After about an hour it was completely gone... but needless to say it freaked me out. I tried to google what it could have been, but I can't tell if it was the milk in the ice cream, or maybe the mango? I figured if he had any milk intolorances I would have noticed by now, as I drink milk and have yogurt almost daily. Any ideas on what could have caused this? I felt like such a horrible mother... but I know at one time or another I let all of my babies have a taste or two of ice cream and never had something like this happen.

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Well first I don't think you're a horrible mother in the least! Since you drink and eat dairy I wonder if it was the mango? Maybe just be careful with introducing new fruits and veggies and avoid mango for good measure (doesn't seem so hard to do....I suppose if he has an allergy mango would be a rather easy one to avoid!).

Is there any chance anything seafood got near him? Just seems like shellfish might be more likely to cause a reaction. I know my friend's husband is allergic to shellfish and she loves it -- a few times she has eaten it and kissed him leaving red hives on him!

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Krystal you are NOT a horrible mother. There is no way you can predict an allergy. Go easy on yourself. It is either the mango or the dairy. I'd go slow when reintroducing them. If there is a next time you can give him children's Benadryl. The dosing is exactly the same as children's Tylenol. Allergic reactions can be very unpredictable and can increase in severity so watch him closely and take him to the ER. Be sure to mention it to your pedi on the next visit. I have given Carter little tastes of cream cheese frosting and chocolate pudding. We all do it.

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I would say its the mango. Just because you drink and eat diary and he has no effect from it. I wouldn't worry about it, like the pp said we have all done it. I have given Gianni little taste of foods because he has done the same thing. Just as long as you keep an eye on him and make sure it doesn't get worst it'll be ok.

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I too think that it was the mango. I just hate that I know at some point or another I've given all of my babies small tastes of soft foods here and there before their first birthdays. I just hope my stupidity didn't trigger some horrible allergic reaction that he'll have for life now and wouldn't have had if I wouldn't have given it to him. I'm so glad that it went away quickly, but I guess I'm also glad that I know now not to give him tropical fruits... but don't they make mango baby food (gerber?)... glad I didn't give him that!

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I agree probably the mango. It really isnt that big of a deal. He is fine. Kids have allergies and there is no way to know other than to give it to them.

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You are not a bad mom for letting your baby have a little taste of your treat!!! My son has a sensitivity to mangos b/c the peel contains tiny amounts of urushiol. The same allergen found in poison ivy. I often get tingly feeling around my lips after eating mangoes too.
He will be fine, mangoes and pineapple are just some of the fruits that can cause a reaction.

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don't feel bad about it!
My guess is also the mango, but ice cream also can have raw eggs in it.

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Glad he's okay & sorry that freaked you out! I'm thinking it was likely the mango, from the reaction you describe as I heard it is quite common to irritate skin - Asha's got the details and experience! Dont beat yourself up about it