Am I dreaming?????

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Am I dreaming?????

The floors in the basement are finished!!!!! The contractor said that everything other than the shelves in the closets will be done on Thursday. Dh said I can get Mélodie's furniture delivered At the end of next week. Someone pinch me!!

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That's awesome news!

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The very best news! You should get an award for overseeing so many home improvements!

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Congrats! I know you've been waiting what seems like forever for this!

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I have!! Tomorrow I'm going to slowly start bringing light stuff down to the first floor and taking stock of it all. I need to decide what goes where and make a closet organization plan. Unfortunately we are officially out of money so the shelves will have to go up a few every couple of weeks but I'll be able to get the swing and playpen set up and move all of dd s toys out of the living room and downstairs. I'll also (to the delight if Jenni Beth) be able to set up my computer and stop posting and making spelling mistakes with only my Iphone!!