And another trip to L&D.....

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And another trip to L&D.....

*sigh*. Last Friday morning I woke up with a LOT of pressure and some mild bh contractions. It took me a while to get out of bed, thankfully dh was home for the day. After about an hour without things getting better, I realized it was probably a urinary tract infection (UTI), so I headed into Emerg. I had been peeing tons, but just little amounts, no matter how much fluids I had. (I also have two kidney stones right now, one in each kidney).They took one look at me at ER and sent me up to L&D to get assessed. The nurse started hooking me up to the NST, and I mentioned to her that I was in the care of midwives, and they said they weren't supposed to touch me, and then went off to page my midwife. I figured that since it was probably a UTI I didn't think it was a pregnancy-related emergency. So the nurse comes back in, hooks me up to the NST, and says that my midwives were all busy, and that I should have paged them. 3 hours later, another midwife came in to assess me (not one on my team), and did a urine sample, some bloodwork, etc... and then we were to wait to see the OB. She ended up having to do a c-sec, and had a ton of patients to see in the hospital, so finally at 5pm I saw her. She prescribed me amoxicillan for the uti, and did a quick ultrasound. Baby was great, but she noticed my placenta was still lower than normal, so they booked me for an u/s Monday morning for the placenta, kidneys and bladder. I am awaiting my results now. Both Saturday and Sunday I had horrible kidney pain from the stones, which is awful being pregnant. I will keep you posted once I get my u/s results, please pray that everything is okay with the placenta, and baby! Oh, and me too! I am struggling right now, with the kidney stone pains, being 30wks pregnant, and taking care of two small children... I appreciate any thoughts and prayers! Thanks ladies!

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Sad Julie! Big hugs dear!

I'll be keeping you and your babe in my prayers! KUP on how your U/S goes!

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Healthy thoughts coming your way! Mows the time yo call in favours and ask family yo help ease your load. You deserve and need s break!

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I'm sorry Sad I've heard that kidney stones can be worse than labor. I hope you get support and help with your littles from family!

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So sorry to hear it! Sad Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and to your LO. Hang in there...try to rest as best you can. Hoping those antibiotics are helping some--I know how utterly painful a UTI can be.

Do you have family or friends nearby that can step up and help you with your two children?

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I hope you start feeling better and all is well with the u/s Monday.

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Sending prayers your way!!! Keep us updated. I it possible to get some help so you can get some much deserved rest?

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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this nonsense Julie! Sending you T&P, hopefully everything will be better soon!

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Thanks ladies- I appreciate your support and kind words! Smile
Unfortunately its not easy for me to get some help... dh is currently away for work since yesterday, and won't be home until tomorrow night or Saturday. My mom works full time as a teacher, so she doesn't have much spare time, and my MIL lives over an hour away. My one SIL has a very busy life with 3 kids in school, and works now, and my other two SIL's live in Michigan and Alberta, so they can't help either!
We just had an offer placed on our house today too, so if it goes through, will be moving end of Oct... I am definately going to be asking for help with packing, and cleaning... I would love a few days to relax and rest, though... so maybe I can see if someone wants the kids for a weekend or something.
Thanks again-you are so sweet!
P.S. I am still waiting for my u/s results from Monday. The OB has been extremely busy, but will get back to me tomorrow once she has reviewed my results... ugh, I hate waiting!

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