Any news from TLotus?????

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Any news from TLotus?????

C'mon, did the salad work or not?!?!??!?!?!

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she just posted on facebook that she didn't have the 11/11/11 baby but she is contracting! i bet devin makes an appearance soon...after all she DID have that labor salad the other day!

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She's my birth buddy, and she text me throughout the day yesterday, but no big news yet... I'll be sure and keep you all posted! The salad was definitely causing some contractins, but nothing that would justify her a trip to L&D...

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Awww.. Thanks, Ladies for checking in!

Update: Home from ER and Labor & Delivery. No baby fact, he seems real content staying inside right now! I had some problems with my asthma (thus the reason for the ER visit). I am breathing clearly now...and full of prednisone (booo....prednisone!)

The salad definately did something! I have been having frequent strong contractions since 5:30 Thursday evening! But there was no pattern with the ctrx... anywhere from 4minutes to 18 minutes apart.

While Devin was being monitored tonight, I had several strong contractions. The doc said I am 3 cm dilated but doesn't think I am in early labor yet. He thinks very soon... They sent me home and I am back on baby watch!

Didn't get my 11/11/11 baby...but I'm fine with that. I just wish we could get the show on the road...these contractions are a little frustrating!

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Tamara, I'm glad to hear that your asthma is under control now! Sorry you didn't get your 11/11/11 baby... aparently he's liking the atmosphere inside of mom lol! I'm keeping my phone handy waiting on your text!