Any suggestions?????

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Any suggestions?????

OK I cant stand it anymore! The fleas are out of control. I dont know what to do. I'm allergic to almost everything. I've treated all of my animals but I can't seem to get it under control in the house. I've used salt a few times but it doesn't seem to be working. I dont know what else to do? We don't have the money to do awhole lot. Any suggestions? Please help...

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diatomicaceous earth!

It really works - just dump it all over the carpets, leave it alone for 48-72 hours and then vacuum. Won't harm the carpets, your growing LO or the pets.

I don't know what part of Oregon you are in, but we found ours at Portland Hydroponics & Organics in Tigard.

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OK I was only leaving it on for a couple of hours... I'm in Cottage grove (south of eugene) Go Ducks!!!!

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When I was about 18 we arrived at our cottage near Bellingham, and the fleas were litterally jumping three feet into the air onto us! Yuck! The only thing that got rid of them was an insect bomb. You set it off and leave for 24 hours. Toxic yes, but if you air out the house really well afterwards, the fumes go away in a few hours. It killed absolutely every last flea in the house. Im sure there is a more environmentally, pregnant friendly way to do it, but this will work for about $40.

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DE is definitely good -- just make sure you get HUMAN GRADE (there is apparently also pool grade). Human Grade DE has worked well for friends.

Also if you can afford it (it's not super costly) ask your vet for a few days worth of Capstar. A lot of the fleas are resistant to the routine topicals now (Frontline etc) which is a real PITA. Capstar is oral and kills all the fleas living on the body. You need a couple days worth b/c the eggs will hatch. So if you treat with a topical (preferably not the one you've been using that seems ineffective), give a couple days or Capstar and use DE it has worked for folks i know who got hit with fleas this year (they've been BRUTAL).

Also cleaning everything and dumping the vacuum etc AWAY from the house. Fleas can live in the canister etc for a while.

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Yikes. I have no idea - I have never heard of or experienced this. Good luck!

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We ha issues with fleas a few months ago with our dog and many cats. We treated all of our animals and they kept coming back!!! So I did some research and found out that flea eggs can incubate in a carpet or material for 20 days!! so we treated our animals again, in a couple days I deep cleaned our carpets (we already had a shampooer but rug drs work too.) then we waited the minimum number of days between treatments (2-3 weeks) and treated the animals again to get rid of any new fleas that had hatched. I then cleaned the carpets and rugs again. We haven't had an issue since! I personally didn't feel comfortable putting anything on the carpets around my LO's but I knOw there are some out there!!! Good luck!!!

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Oh my I'm so sorry you're having this problem! I can't offer any help, as I have a little yorkie and she only goes outside to go potty, and that's in our backyard for only a minute! Thankfully some of the girls have given some good ideas, though!

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Fleas are a pain. Where I live, we rarely see fleas; The humidity isn't ideal for them. We do tend to see alot of (dog) lice, though it's gotten alot better over the years. I am a dog groomer; One year our shop was bringing in 40-60 dogs a day, and 5 or 6 of those would have lice. Fleas we saw maybe two or three times in that entire year. They're alot harder to get rid of than lice.

People in my (dog) breed rave about this product:
It can be used on the pets but also diluted into a spray bottle and sprayed over furniture etc. It contains 9 different oils, is all natural, and apparently works really well.
What have you treated the dogs with? Remember that topical drops don't always work. Frontline is especially notorious for not working in certain areas -- It is useless in or around California.

The DE is a good idea -- sprinkle over carpets, furniture, beds, everything -- then vacuum a couple of days later. If your dogs have cloth beds, try stuffing them with cedar chips for a while. Fleas dislike cedar oil so they tend to keep away from it. You can also try having your carpets cleaned with a company that uses natural citrus oil cleaner. We get Citrus-O to come clean our carpets (not sure if you have that down there). Citrus oils naturally repel or kill fleas. Plus it's the eggs you have to worry the most about. They're in your carpet and on your furniture -- not on the dogs themselves. Definatly sprinkle your yard with DE -- alot of the fleas will be in the yard, too. Fleas really suck and they're hard to get rid of. Good luck!!

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the last couple of times we used topical meds but this time it was oral just gave it to them a week ago. my cats are small so we have to be careful what we give them so that we dont poisen them... I just vaccumed up the salt today and the vet suggested to use borax soap? in a spray bottle. its just getting so close to LO arrival im affraid to put chemicals on the carpet. I dont mind if I have to put salt down again in a couple of weeks. Ill put some down the week before we have to treat the cats again. Thanks for all the help Smile