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with a MIL that drives you crazy??

Don't get me wrong my MIL is a well meaning lady and I don't think she means to drive me crazy but oh my.

She is not working because she is on medical EI and has been for years and years, I think she is really more dependant on the medication then she actually truly needs it. Anyways, every time I talk to her or I see her she always wants to take my son on little one on one trips and I understand that she wants to see him and spend time with him, but the time I get with him is kinda limited as I have shared custody with his father. So I simply let her know that the time I get with him is kinda limited as I have to share him but she is more then welcome to come and visit. EVERY TIME WE TALK it is the same thing. Drives me bonkers. I could literally write out a script of what she is going to say and she would say it word for word.

Or she offers to come and watch Kay so I can nap, except she still treats Kay like she is a newborn. She will rock her and cuddle her and offer to burp her after she is done feeding, even though I have told her she doesn't need to be burped anymore.

I understand she is just trying to help and I guess the thing that drives me crazy is that she won't just say it once in a while it's every single time she talks or sees me, she will make a point to say that she wants to take my kids.

I'm super worried how she is going to act when I have this new one with Kay. I'm more worried she is just going to show up un announced especially since we live closer.

I know this seems petty and I shouldn't really complain but I just had to get this off my chest as it has been bugging me and Rob has heard it a thousand times. lol

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Sorry you're having such a hard time with her! My MIL lives in Idaho, but when I do see her she's awesome... she's like having an older sister (she still thinks she's 25 years old lol)!

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That sounds really annoying! My MIL is super bossy and has no sense of tact but fortunately she lives in another country. Smile

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Ive posted about my mil before, and although she has good intentions I can't stand her. She has said some nasty things to me (my dad collapsed and I was told he had hours to live, she said it wasn't fair for me to take my dd to see him because it would be neglecting her son, disobeying my wishes even after I have bluntly told her to please respect me, buying us a shed to "help us out" and then sending us half the bill, coming when I wasn't home and putting lace curtains on my door the day after I told her I wanted to change the front door so there was no glass, and that I definitely hated curtains on front doors and never wanted them -I have wholes where she screwed the rod in, telling my dh that I had okayed it etc etc)
all that you can do is say no, don't invite her openly, hope your partner will stand up for you. If not, forgive good intentions that are oh so wrong. The mire I dwell the worse I feel and iwont allow it. I'm better than that!!!!

Big hugs!!!

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Phew I'm always thankful to have a MIL who basically stays out of our personal life. I mean she's fairly close to DH but doesn't really offer advice or opinions. I think it helps that she's older (78 I think) has 3 daughters 9 grandchildren before our DS and 1 great grandson so she's been doing this a LONG time and knows how her daughters have felt about their MILs in the past. Plus of the 5 kids in DH's family (3 sisters 1 bro) DH and his brother are far and away the most together (and his bro has no children). So MIL has enough to deal with with her daughters lol We're easy.

My mother can be a bit of a nut though but again she's not super involved and has learned (slowly....) to keep her mouth shut or offer opinions/ideas carefully and when asked.

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Awww..sorry ladies. I love Matt's mom. She is so awesome. Back when he and I very first started dating I said "If we ever break up, can I keep your mom?" haha

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my MIL is so crazy!!! my hubby cant stand her either lol which makes it easier...I used to get along with her until after my son was born and I started realizing how bad she is....
She is they type that is never there for you when you need them ( not even talking $ wise) like an emergency sitter incident that I will NEVER forget lol....and she favors her granddaugther over any of the other grandkids and does it blatently infront of the rest of them and NEVER comes to see our son....literally the only times i see her is on bday parties and she will leave them all early unless its her favorite grandkids bday.....i probably can count on my hands how many times we see her a year and we live in the same town....literally 5 mins away..i could go on and on....but i wont bore you all lol

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I don't have a MIL like MIL is hardly in our lives. But I would hope if I had a situation like a couple of you I would stand my ground. You know what is best for you and your family. Hope they can learn to respect boundaries.